Captain High Pants, AKA Tony Ortiz, should return as Lions sideline reporter

Drew Sharp, Tony Ortiz and I walked through the empty corridors of Ford Field following a press conference put on by the Detroit Lions.

Before braving the cold while walking to our cars we stopped inside The Lions Roar gift shop. We browsed through Lions gear when the conversation turned to iconic NFL jerseys and which had the most meaning to the league and fans.

Drew and I mentioned the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers.

“You forgot one,” Ortiz said. “What about the Detroit Lions?”

Drew and I blew out snot bubbles in laughter. I laughed so hard that tears fell from my eyes and my stomach hurt from doubling over.

The point of this story is to tell you that Tony loves and respects the Lions. He considers them to be a legit member of the NFL that tries to compete for division titles and Super Bowls.

At the time he was the sideline reporter for the Lions. He lost that gig when the Lions decided five years ago to move to 760-AM WJR. Now that the Lions have decided to return to 97.1 FM The Ticket I hope Tony gets his job back.

He is the best man to return to the sidelines and update fans on injuries, trends and in game strategy. Players and coaches respected him and trusted him with information they did not want to share with others.

If Tony gets the job, he will make a bit of history. He will be the only NFL sideline reporter who doesn’t have to wear a mask because he wears his pants so high. We used to call him Captain High Pants and I included a photo of Tony with this blog in case you don’t know what he looks like.

Tony worked hard and took his job seriously.

For this to happen the shirts and ties and skirts that run the station must appoint Tony to this gig and the Lions must approve. Let’s get the ball rolling with a ground swell to put Tony back where he belongs.

Currently, he does sports updates on 950-AM WWJ and on the Ticket. Let’s fill his Sunday’s with Lions football.

We need Captain High Pants back.

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