Life. The best Christmas gift ever

This was my day to do my marathon 24 hour Christmas shopping where I knocked out my entire shopping list in one day.

So I was tucked safely asleep at about 3 a.m. when a loud and frantic pounding played the rumba on my front door. I was still living in an apartment in Clinton Township at the time. The knocking and urgency of the knocks woke me and startled me.

I peaked through the peak hole and my neighbor Donna flayed her arms about and had a look of shock on her face. I could hear a slight gasp from her mouth, but other than that she was pretty quiet.

I opened the door and she immediately pointed to her throat. Donna was choking. She’d taken her night time meds before turning in when a capsule became lodged in her throat. She could not remove it and I was her last resort.

I was frightened by the sudden change in my life and watching a woman fight for hers. I spun her around and attempted the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the pill. It did not work. She panicked more and I became even more frightened.

I tried again. No dice.

Finally I popped her in the back and I heard a gurgling sound as the pill popped into her mouth and she spit it on the floor. Donna scrambled to collect the capsule and then proceeded to thank me a million times.

I felt a weird combination of exhaustion and exhilaration. Donna was safe.

“You good?’ I asked her.

She nodded and scrambled back into her apartment.

A few hours later a calmer knock greeted me. I did not rush to the door because this did not seem to be a call for urgency. I opened the door in time to see Donna’s door close. I looked down at a giant Christmas tin filled with three dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

“Thank you for a wonderful time last night,” a note read.

It would be my best Christmas gift that year because it came from the heart. Mostly it was the best gift because Donna was still alive.

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