We are soon to be empty nesters

The wife Abs and me have been together for 23 years. Of those 23 years we’ve been alone for about 11 months.

That is about to change this week when we finally ship my son Brandon to the dorms at Michigan State University for the winter term. It comes four months later than we planned, but we are living in a different world that includes Covid-19.

The boy is itching to experience the altered world of campus life. I know it won’t be the same as our freshmen years, but it is time for him to see the world from a different lens.

I did my father part, showing him how to shave and clean a bathroom. Now it is time for him to grow into a man on his own.

Now I am curious to experience life with just Abs. How long will it be before she wants to kick me out?

In October of 1998 we got married. In September the following year Celine was born and has kept the house lively for much of her life. She went to school in California four years ago and we don’t expect her back. She has a job lined up in Chicago and I look forward to visiting her in her condo or apartment.

Now younger brother Brandon is transitioning.

I cried like a baby when we dropped Celine off for school. I won’t for Brandon. With Celine it hit me how far California is from Michigan. I cannot pop up on campus for a hug or daddy-daughter talk if something goes wrong. Brandon is right up the road about 90 minutes away.

I have not taken a poll of neighbors who are empty nesters. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Hopefully that carries over to me and Abs.

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