Let’s have Fedora Night at Comerica this summer

If you see a guy wearing a fedora in right field at Comerica Park this summer that will be me.

At least I hope like hell I get the chance to wear my fedora at Comerica Park this summer. I am praying that the vaccinations go well the next few months. I am hoping Covid-19 goes away.

I am hoping that we can hit the bars and restaurants soon. And I want these empty stands at stadiums and arenas to be full again.

If that happens I am going to Comerica Park to watch a Tigers game and hold court in right field where it is easy to meet new people in a festive area where the Blue Moons and Coors Lights are overflowing. I’m wearing my fedora. You can too. Let’s make it fedora night. We can figure out which game later.

I keep forgetting that our stadiums are closed. I planned on taking my son to the Detroit Red Wings opener prior to taking him to school. Opps, that is not possible.

Going to a Pistons or Wings game might not be possible, but I’m an optimist. I predict that the Tigers will be open for business at some point this summer.

We must all do our part to make it happen. The government must make sure Covid-19 shots are available. If they are then we must take them. President Joe Biden wants us to take 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office. That sounds too ambitious but let’s get as close to that number as possible.

I have a bunch of friends who say they won’t take the shot. Some are scared. Some are skeptical. I actually don’t blame them.

But I’m taking one for the team. I am taking one for me. And I’m taking one for Tigers baseball in the summer.

Why the fedora?

I’ve been watching a lot of gangster movies and documentaries from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. The dudes who topped off their outfits with fedoras looked cool. I’m not wearing a suit but I thought it would be cool to top my bald head with a cool lid.

I bought a light colored one last year and snapped a photo for Facebook. People said I looked like the black Dick Tracy. My wife bought me a black one and I do not know which one to wear. But if it is a warm day or night with no rain or snow, I’m wearing one of those suckers.

Join me for fedora night at Comerica. It might be fun.

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