The Lions should not cancel Campbell as head coach candidate for past remarks

The Cancel Culture should not get away with trying to cancel New Orleans Assistant head coach Dan Campbell from becoming the Detroit Lions head coach.

Campbell made anti-Gay remarks as a college student during a Texas A@M pep rally a life time ago. It was a mistake. He should not have made the comments. However, this does not warrant him from being banished as Lions head coach.

I do not believe in the death penalty for stupid comments if you’ve shown remorse and have grown from your mistakes. I might have a different view if Campbell were still spewing hate today. As far as I know, he is not.

On Wednesday Campbell is expected to interview for the Lions vacant head coaching job. He appears to be the leading candidate and if the Lions are smart they should not let him out the show room to shop around further.

In 1998 Campbell made controversial remarks during an A&M pep rally before a game with arch-rival Texas. He said he was proud to attend a school “where men like women and women like men.”

I’m pretty certain Campbell didn’t view it as an anti-Gay proclamation at the time. These comments came during the heat of a pep rally in Texas where he needed to show folks that the Aggies were more macho than the Longhorns.

He apologized and said his comments came during the heat of the moment. At some point we must move on.

The key point is he was 22 at the time. He is now 44. And a different man.

His comments cannot be totally ignored. The Lions must vet them during his interview. If they are satisfied with his response then hire him. If he is still talking about faggots and queers then this may not be the man for you. It means he has not learned his lesson and he could bring further embarrassment to the organization.

Here is the threat if his slipup of 22 years ago prevents Campbell from getting the Lions job. You could create a bitter anti-Gay tyrant whose spreads his bitterness in every dressing room he walks into.

Here is the reward for showing forgiveness. The man realizes his mistake and uses the opportunity to be a beacon for Gay and other causes.

Do not cancel Dan Campbell.

If anyone is to get cancelled it should be Detroit Free Press web content editor Marlowe Alter who broke the Campbell story in Detroit. Alter has made homophobic and racist comments on his social media platform as recently as eight years ago.

Alter called people faggots and niggers on Twitter. Brother, what were you thinking?

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