The silly dreams of a billionaire

Whenever I buy Mega Million or Power Ball lottery tickets my mind goes on an unrealistic, silly ride that has no shot of happening. I’ve bought a castle in Ireland, rented Oprah’s house in Maui and purchased a private island in the Caribbean.

The chances of winning are 302,575,350 to one, which is miniscule. But I can’t help it to dream big until my dreams are shattered that night when the numbers finally drop.

I bought 10 tickets Friday for that evenings draw which totaled $1 billion. And then my mind went wild. I drove by the Oakland Pontiac Airport and saw a 24 passenger private jet disappear into the clouds into the west.

Right now I am planning a trip with some of the men in the neighborhood to Wyoming to make my dream of seeing Yellowstone National Park and have a shot and a beer at a cowboy bar coming true. Our initial plans are to rent a RV or SUV for the trip.

The lottery ticket rattling in my pocket spoke to me. It said to dream bigger. I was going to surprise the men on the day of departure and use a private jet as our primary mode of transportation out west.

I imagined that plane filled with freshly baked pizzas, sliders, steamed lobsters and steaks and I saw the sparkly eyes of my neighbor Frank making a toast to the trip with a high end bourbon I never heard of and could not pronounce. We were going high on the hog.

As that plane soared and disappeared into the clouds I had convinced myself that this would happen.

My hopes were buoyed again Saturday morning when wife Abs said the winning ticket was bought in Michigan.

“That was me,” I thought. “I’m still in the game.”

I ran to the kitchen to get my winning ticket. When I returned Abs nearly gave me a heart attack when she said the Mega Ball number was 24. Had it. And the first two white ball numbers were 4 and 26. Had those too. Then my dreams disappeared as she read the remaining numbers.

Zilch. I was not going to be a billionaire. No private jet for the Wyoming trip.

Reality set in and I said something corny to my wife.

“I don’t need to be a billionaire,” I told her. “I am already rich. I have you.”

She smiled and said something nice I’m sure she didn’t mean and we began our day again as regular people. And it was OK.

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