Stafford finally listens, approves to be traded by Lions

Gentlemen, if you are married, you already know this.

Sometimes, its best to listen to honey bun. When you roll over in bed and the wife is lecturing you at some point you realize she is whispering the truth. You need to listen and take her thoughts into consideration.

Kelley Stafford, the wife of Lions quarterback, Matthew has been telling the world in her Instagram and Twitter posts that all is not right with her husband, the Detroit Lions and the state of Michigan. I’m sure she has peppered her husband with the same thoughts during pillow talk.

Didn’t they sell their house for heavens sakes?

Matthew wanted it to work here. However, he finally listened to honey bun and gave the Lions the opening they were so reluctant to take. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to give up. If it is better for you, then trade me.

The Lions finally agreed. They fiercely defended the guy and made it as comfortable for him as possible. How can you go 12 years without an adequate backup to challenge for the position?

How can you pass on a quarterback with the No. 3 pick and select a cornerback? The Lions not only did not want to move on from Stafford but they didn’t even want to give off signals they were thinking about it.

Kelley posted from a Target store months back that she was “over living under a dictatorship” in Michigan when Gov. Whitmer shut down the state because of Covid-19 concerns. And she said she could live in California when Stafford trade rumors surfaced last year.

The reluctant Lions finally made the right move and gave their blessings to move Stafford.

Let’s address what many of you are thinking. Why trade away the best quarterback in Lions history?

The answer is easy. This roster is busted. It needs playmakers on the defensive side that makes life for Aaron Rodgers uncomfortable. Hell, they cannot even make life rough for Mitch Trubisky.

This team needs playmakers, not just players. It needs talented, young and aggressive players on both sides of the ball. See if you can dangle Stafford in front of the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers. Both teams could contend for a super bowl if they got an upgrade at quarterback in the Niners case and somebody to replace the retired Phillip Rivers in Indy.

But Stafford won no playoff games with the Lions in 12 seasons here. He is talented enough and still young enough to make a playoff run elsewhere. I’m convinced that if he had played his last 12 years with any other team in the division — Green Bay, Minnesota or Chicago -that he would have multiple playoff wins.

The man is not perfect. He seems to always be good for a key fourth quarter interception or sack. However, some of that is due to the team around him. The Lions are hardly the standard for competent franchise building.

In the last 60 years only one man walking the face of the Earth can brag of winning a playoff game for the Lions and that is Erik Kramer. Rodney Peete could not win a playoff game in five seasons with the Lions but beat the Lions in the playoffs after leaving the team.

Stafford is better than both men.

There is something wrong with the brew here. And its been wrong for a long time. Moving Stafford provides an opportunity to build a future here. The Lions could use the eventual cap relief it will provide and can use young playmakers on the roster.

“I can’t wait to see where Staff goes,” former Lion Darius Slay tweeted. “Watch how quick he will be in the elite conversation even though he already is.”

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