A sad MSU supply run for my buddy

This wasn’t the way envisioned the first supply drop off to my son Brandon in the dorms at Michigan State University.

I never went to his room. I didn’t give him a hug. I didn’t even touch him during our two minute visit. He needed his medication, some documentation for his car and I snuck in a hunk of gingerbread to snack on.

I placed his supplies on the hood of my idling car. He came out and grabbed his things. We spoke briefly, said he loved me and thanked me for dropping off his stuff. His eyes appeared a little sad behind his mask. I know mine did.

And then he disappeared through the double doors of his dorm.

My buddy.

I did not expect it, but a tiny lump developed in my throat. It seemed so impersonal and cautious. I wasn’t talking to Brandon or the boy that grew from Little B to just B. This was my son the leper. We must treat strangers and family that stray as if they have Covid whether they have it or not.

A new strain of covid is hitting our country. The University of Michigan has shut down its athletic program for two weeks and I can’t remember the last time the Spartans played a basketball game.

He wants to write for a student magazine and I wanted to talk about his first assignment.

Here is the way the first supply run was supposed to go. I’d pack up late Friday morning for a weekend trip to Central Michigan University to meet up with friends, talk to students, hit Dog Central and The Bird. On the way I’d stop in East Lansing to give the boy his medication, chocolate chip cookies a bag filled with Chici-Fil-A chicken sandwiches and waffles fries.

We’d talk about his week as he laid back on his bed and I lounged on the bean bag chair we dragged from the basement. We’d laugh and hug and I’d be on my adventures in Mt. Pleasant. That was my dream. Then Covid happened. And our first visit was quite different than I first imagined.

It’s just going to have to be this way for a while as this nation navigates this Covid crisis. Wife Abs, who I call Dr. Fauci, is the only person in the immediate family to receive a Covid vaccination because of her job in the health field. I’m on a wait list when I’m eligible through Henry Ford Health System and the Oakland County Health Department.

However, I don’t expect my turn to come up until summer if I’m lucky.

Until then it is masks, social distancing, cautious visits to the store and impersonal visits to State to visit my son the leper.

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