Buyer beware: Hemp purchase goes up in smoke

If you see a story that says big pharma is upset that Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, Tom Cruise or any other A list celebrity is pushing hemp products don’t believe it.

I fell for the fake and am out $170.

It’s not the end of the world but I am pretty salty about it.

Here is my side of the story.

When I suffered a stroke a few years back it felt like I had a pinched nerve in my right shoulder. It was unrelated to the illness, however it got progressively worse over the years. I wanted relief.

I thought I could take a cortisone injection and be on my merry way. But that’s not the way the insurance company works. First I had to have eight physical therapy sessions that didn’t work. I continued the sessions at home and once again they did not work.

Then I had to have an x ray and later a MRI.

I had something called tired shoulder.

After almost a year I was allowed to get the shot, which worked. No pain for almost two years.

The pain returned. I asked my doctors if we could skip rehab and we move right to the shot. I was told no.

So I’m thumbing through the Internet one night when I read a fake story about why big Pharma was upset with LeBron James. He used hemp to get rid of his pain, the story said. It could also help me fall asleep quicker.

I could get relief for only $6.95 if I purchased hemp. I bought in and my pills and oil came within two weeks. But then a charge of $85 came a month later. The next month another $85 charge.

I received no new product.

Wife Abs, who watches our checking account like a hawk, noticed the charges and put her foot down. We got the company name, which changed twice during the process, from the bank. We spoke to a guy that barley spoke English. It was a long process but he agreed to stop the charges.

I want my money back, but that is impossible. The company is not in the state of Michigan. I’d have to go to small claims court and the cost of an attorney doesn’t make it worth going after this company.

Maybe this is why these rip off artist feel it is worth their time ty bamboozle us.

Buyer beware. Don’t fall for the fake like I did.

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