The best snow days ever at CMU

During my freshman year at Central Michigan University a bunch of students were hanging out in a dorm room when I made the statement that changed our lives for a few days.

I said: “School would be perfect if we didn’t have to actually go to school.”

We all laughed hoping that could be true some day.

I loved hanging out with my new friends, talking and singing and hanging out at the cafeteria. I developed a juvenile habit of putting shaving cream on the ear piece of people’s phones and then calling them.

You could hear the phone ring and seconds later “Damn it Terry Foster I hate you.” Then I would show up with a concerned look on my face asking what happened. Then the victim would scream: “I know it was you.”

My response was pretty simple: “What’s up with you white people? You always blame the brother when things go wrong.”

My accomplice, roommate Joey, would magically appear and say: “You got it all wrong. Terry would never do anything like that.”

I always promised to look into it and I would report back to them. Of course no report was coming. I was not about to hang myself.

Let me get back to my statement. After saying “school would be perfect if we didn’t actually have to go to school” it began to snow.

And it snowed and snowed and snowed. We got five days of heavy snow. Today, some clown may have uttered the same words inside the secure walls of Saxe Hall because CMU shut down its main campus because of a snow storm.

Hopefully, today’s shutdown won’t be as long as ours. We were off school for four days. I got my wish.

The problem is the bars were closed as were many of the restaurants. The school stopped receiving shipments of food for the cafeteria so we all hit a steady diet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Then the milk started to taste funny. One of my cafe sources said they were using powdered milk.

With the bars closed we got bored. Trust me, you don’t want to be in Mt. Pleasant when The Bird and Blackstone are shuttered. Someone opened up a third floor window and students began to leap into a giant snow pile in the Saxe court yard.

I was on my way when someone said a student broke their ankle during their plunge. I don’t even know if the story was true, but I abandoned my leap of faith into the snow.

If anyone is reading this who lives in Saxe Hall or any of the other fine dorms at CMU. Enjoy your off day. And if the milk begins to taste funny don’t worry. It is powdered milk and it won’t kill you. But the jump from a third floor dorm room might.

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