Sorry Detroit sports fans, you are not part of the team

Last week I made my weekly Thursday debut on the morning Woodward Sports Network.

And there is something I feel bad about. I called the co-hosts Lions bitches and worm boys, but that is not what I feel bad about. I feel bad for chastising them for using the term “we” when talking about the Lions.

The main culprit is the main guy, Stick. I’m sure that is not the name his mom and dad gave him. I am sure his real name is Albert Pennington Wellington III. But let’s call him Stick for now.

He is a very energetic and nice young man. But he has a flaw.

He’d say something like: “We traded for Jared Goff.”

“We traded away Matthew Stafford.”

“We have not won a playoff game since 1991.”

And I was probably a little unfair to the lad demanding that he stop using the term “we” when talking about a Detroit sports team.

I asked did he ever play for the team?


Did he ever work for the team?


Does he have part ownership in the team?


I could tell he loves being part of the Detroit sports culture. He thinks he is part of the Detroit sports community. We are all in this together so he says “we.”

A number of you are huge Detroit sports fans and you say “we” also when talking about your team. You are not a Red Wing. You are not a Piston. You are not a Tiger or Lion.

Unless you worked for those teams you should refer to them as “they” won or “they” lost. Not “we.”

Am I being unfair? Should I back down?

The Detroit Free Press caught flack many years ago from out of town journalists for using the term “We Win” after a Detroit sports team won a championship. Were they right or wrong for doing it?

You think you are part of the team, but you are not. Teams don’t care about you. They are a business. They want your money. They want your loyalty. They want you at their games and they want you to hold an index finger in the air cheering for their team. After winning a championship they will call you the best sports fans in America.

They don’t really mean it. They are simply trying to buy your loyalty back for the next season.

You are not part of the team.

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