Let’s warm cold bodies with warm hearts

On cold nights after leaving the Ford Field press box I’d pass men and women huddled under tarp and blankets as they shivered uncomfortably while braving the bitter wind and snow.

Sometimes I’d open my jacket, close my eyes, and imagine the pain they are going through even if it were for a brief moment. Luckily for me the cold only penetrated my bones until I was able to make it to my warm car or duck into a restaurant for a meal and a beer.

These people suffered for days if they could not find a warm shelter to take them in. That began a five-year run of taking donations from the public and chipping in myself to secure warm blankets for the street people of Detroit.

Some of the blankets went to shelters. Some were draped around the shoulders of people who must endure cold and pain filled days like we experience today.

Friends gathered at the Sterling Heights Buffalo Wild Wings to tie up blankets and distribute them to Heart to Hart, a group of volunteers that gather Monday, Wednesday and Friday around lunch time to distribute clothing, food, blankets and socks to the homeless.

They also provide critical assistance to people with substance abuse problems and help people find homes. I want to get involved again. I want you to get involved by visiting their website h2hd.org and decide if you want to donate money, food, clothing and even blankets to a good cause.

You can just show up just east of Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit and visit the men and women who distribute food and clothing out of the back or trucks. You can actually see your hard earned money at work.

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