The NBA and Mark Cuban fumble national anthem ban

The National Anthem does not offend me.

It is not meant to harm black people or anybody else in America. That’s why I disagree with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban in his decision not to play it before Mavs home games for much of the season.

The NBA finally stepped in requiring teams to play the anthem. The Mavs complied by playing it prior to Wednesday’s 118-117 victory over the Atlanta Hawks. If this was something Cuban felt passionate about why have the no anthem policy under the cloak of darkness.

And the NBA only got involved after a reporter noticed the new policy and reported it to the world. The result is another black eye to the league. Right leaning folks are angry because Cuban took away baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. The left leaning folks are angry because this “woke” owner caved in to the right.

Now let’s add one more ember to America’s burning fire where we had protesters take to the street to bring awareness to social justice and others stormed the nation’s Capitol to protest a Donald Trump election he claims was stolen.

I do not know why the national anthem is played before every sporting event, just as I don’t know why we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag as a grade schooler, just as I don’t know why everybody greets each other by saying “how are you doing?”

It just sort of happens.

Actually the anthem was first played during a sporting event for a dedication of a baseball field in Brooklyn, NY. It played periodically until the 1918 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs during World War I.

In Game 1, played at Chicago’s Comiskey Park, the band struck up The Star Spangled Banner during the seventh inning stretch because the country was at war and it wanted to pick up the spirits of Cubs fans who sat under the gloom of a cloudy sky.

It was played prior to each game of the Series and became a staple of sporting events afterwards. It is just part of our culture that I’ve grown accustomed to and accept.

Yes, it included racist lyrics. But they were removed and are never sung when the anthem is played.

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