I want my money damnit

Let me confess to my ignorance to online sports betting. I did not understand how casinos could give you 13-1 odds to bet on a team without a point spread. You could actually bet on both teams during a game and come out ahead.

I did not understand how a casino could give you 5-1 odds on betting if an NBA team will make a three-point shot during a game. Don’t they all make at least one three pointer?

How can a casino make money when it is giving away $300 to $700 to everybody that bets?

Well someone explain that on many casino apps that you cannot collect any money until you place at least $1,000 of your own money in the betting pool. In other words they will gladly take your money but are reluctant to give it back until you are scrambling to make rent.

I feel the same way in my failed attempt to collect pension money that is owed to me. It’s my money. I worked hard for it. Why can’t I get paid?

I never knew getting pension money was so difficult. I’ve been trying for six weeks to get pension payments rolling that I became eligible for when I turned 62 a week ago.

I’m told Covid is to blame.

I worked for 32 years for the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. They had no problem taking money out of my pay check. That was nice and easy.

Now trying to get paid is another issue. My journey actually began in the fall when I talked to a nice lady who told me to apply for my pension money the first week of January so I’d receive my first pension check in March.

I called her back in January and was told she is on vacation. For six weeks? Is this woman on trip to Mars? I gave up calling her because I got the same message. She is out of the office but is expected back soon.

Then I was given names and numbers on the pension team to talk to. They cannot help. I was given names and numbers of people in the newspaper union. They cannot help.

I was even passed along to the City of Detroit pension plan. One problem. I never worked for the city of Detroit. They of course could not help.

Here is where I stand today. I was given an application to apply for the application to apply for my pension. That was three weeks ago. No word. Why must you apply for an application?

It’s my money. I worked hard for it.

I’ve been told that it takes more time for things to get rolling because of Covid-19. That’s funny. Whenever there is a transaction to take money out of your bank account Covid-19 does not become a factor. It only affects companies when you are trying to get money.

Funny how that works.

I talked to a person for an hour who promised to send me a form that would explain how a pension works and would tell me how much per month I’d be getting. I asked for an email since he was sitting in front of his computer and I was sitting in front of mine. Of course he said it was against company policy to do so. That was a month ago. Covid must have gotten in the way again.

Here is my frustration. If somebody wants to sell me a car or a boat, a trip to the moon, ribs or a bucket of chicken, all I have to do is push one button. Done.

Since retirement I’ve been offered hearing aids, weed, opioids, Ukraine brides, vacations to places I’ve never heard of and season tickets to every sports team in the state of Michigan. All I have to do is push one button to make my dreams come true.

But if you want to receive payments you need to call Geoffrey Fieger or 1-800-Mikewins.

I’ve been pushing buttons for six weeks,

I’m tired, frustrated and want to give up.

Oh wait a minute. That’s what they want you to do.

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