A smaller grocery bill brings sad times

The saddest day of the week is Tuesday. That is when the wife goes to Kroger to do weekly grocery shopping. Except its every other Tuesday now.

We’ve gone from a family of four to a family of two and you notice your children are missing when its time to buy food — especially with son Brandon out the house.

We shipped him to the dorms at Michigan State University about a month ago and our declining grocery bill comes with a hint of sadness. My job is to fill out the grocery list Monday night. It used to be a full page filled with unnecessary food items. Now it is down to a half page.

And I get yelled at.

“Terry how come you don’t have Oreos on the list,” wife Abs screams.

“Because we don’t need any,” I yell back.

“You forgot to put chicken wings on the list,” she retorts.

“Nope, I did not forget,” I respond. “We still got two packs in the freezer.”

Then we grow quiet for a moment. It is during those times of reflection that we notice how much we miss Brandon.

Friday nights are not the same either. That’s when we get carry out or Door Dash for our Friday treat. We hit Olga’s Kitchen shortly after Brandon left and she brought this skinny ass bag of food in the house.

“That can’t be ours,” I said. “Did you grab the wrong bag?”

It was our bag. Missing was the fried chicken and fries the boy usually gets, along with the Snackers. We no longer get the cheese bread with bacon and ranch dressing on pizza night.

The air fryer no longer runs 24/7/365. Sometimes we baked cookies and they disappeared in 48 hours when the boy stalked the kitchen for midnight runs. We made cookies last week and half of them remain, stale and hard now.

It’s different now. We have more food, a smaller bill and quicker trips to Kroger.

Damn. We miss that mouth.

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