What bars and restaurants will survive our new world?

Mini Vinnie is my cuisine tour guide for downtown Detroit, Mid town and Corktown.

The former Detroit Free Press sports writer lives in Mid Town and can walk to some of his favorite restaurants. Most people call him Vince Ellis. I call him Mini Vinnie. He hipped me to the Brakeman and Penny Reds which I absolutely adore, especially prior to Detroit Lions Sunday home games. I often never make it to Ford Field, opting to check out all the NFL games across the country at the Brakeman while munching on fried chicken, potato salad and honey biscuits from Penny Reds.

Mini and I sometimes met up at Founders for Friday afternoon beer tasting and snacks before Covid-19. We’ve hit The Detroit Shipping Company, Rocco’s Deli and Jolly Pumpkin. Motor City Brewing Works is a great place for pizza and a beer also. Have any of you had pesto on pizza before? Try it.

One place Mini Vinnie and I will not hit is Lady of the House in Corktown. He’s been there several times and has invited me for one of its unique dinners. Lady of the House is closing, a reminder that some of our favorite bars and restaurants won’t survive the pandemic and state shutdowns imposed by Gov. Whitmer.

Gov. Whitmer saved lives, but killed business.

During this attack of the virus the Governor carried out one of my political pet peeves. Democrats have a game plan and they carry it out without Republican input. Republicans do the same thing.

My thinking is the more eyes on the prize the better chance we have of coming up with a better solution. We live in a smart society. Why could we not come up with some type of compromise that saved lives, saved jobs and saved us from being depressed by being shut in?

Why did we not have both parties working deep into the night, working together?

I’m either naïve or missing something. My backwards ass keeps waiting for our entire government to come together to try to fix things. And the few times the government bonds politicians brag about it like they’ve discovered the cure for cancer.

If I were a government official I would fess up that I do not have all the answers. I’d reach across the aisle often seeking solutions to very complicated problems.

At some point we will venture from our virtual worlds into the real world. It might be shocking to see what’s left of our world of bars and restaurants. We will miss last call of some of our favorite haunts.

Lady of the House was just one of them.

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