The day I fell in love with my daughter, Celine

Wife Abs and I were older parents so there was a fear of having a child with mental or physical deficits.

We wanted to make sure that our first child was OK. Midway through the pregnancy Abs underwent a DNA test where doctors stick a needle through her stomach and remove fluid from the womb.

I got to see the entire process on a television monitor.

Celine was sleep when the procedure began. The doctor slowly inserted the needle at her feet so he would not cause brain damage by inserting it near her head. As the needle breeched the womb unborn Celine became agitated and reached for the needle. She began kicking as if to say “get this thing out of here.”

The doctor paused the procedure until unborn Celine settled down. At that moment I fell in love with my unborn daughter. And at that moment I knew Abs was giving birth to a fire ball in a few months.

She already had a personality. What I saw on the screen that day is the same woman who is now 22 years old. She is still a fire ball.

That fire ball is a senior at Stanford University with a job lined up in Chicago in the fall.

After this procedure we played classical music because that is supposed to stimulate the mind. And I talked to unborn Celine every night before going to bed.

“We are going to make sure you have a good life when you come into the world. And we are going to have a good time,” I’d say to her.

Celine came into the world crying, like most babies. Abs had a C-section because Celine was a breeched baby where she was standing up in the womb rather than being head down.

My job was to take Celine from the operation room to recovery.

“Welcome to the world little baby,” I said to our crying bundle of joy. “Mom and dad love you.”

She stopped crying, looked at me with these piercing black eyes as if to say “So you are the guy who has been talking to me these past few weeks.”

Yep I was that guy. I was also her guy.

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  1. My daughter came into the world almost 31 years ago. I remember singing her the Michigan fight song and talking to her often pre-birth. Thank you for reminding me that unbelievable feeling of love and attachment the moment her beautiful brown eyes saw mine!! Have a great day!

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