Pie with the gravy and other treats we had as a kid

The rolling pin didn’t come out every day when I was a child. But when it did it meant Mother Dear was making a special treat.

From friend apple pies to pie with the gravy. Pineapple, coconut cake to salmon croquette. It was always a special day when the rolling pin or “the special pots and pans” in the back of the cupboards came out.

What are some of the foods you grew up on as a kid that you miss as an adult because mom or grand mom no longer cook for you?

For me it was pie with the gravy, known to everybody else as peach cobbler. The first time grand mom made this I wanted to run in the streets in celebration because it was so good. I didn’t know what peach cobbler was. All I saw was this perfect brown crust with the juices of the peaches seeping out.

So I called it pie with the gravy.

No one makes it like Mother Dear.

Food tasted different back then. Today, we have these amazing non stick Teflon pants. Mother Dear cooked in a skillet. Our greens were seasoned with salt pork before we transitioned to the healthier smoked turkey wings and legs.

This has been an ongoing conversation with people over the years. Their mom makes the best lasagna, fried chicken, rolls or macaroni and cheese. This were meals we enjoyed as children, but we rarely had as adults.

My Aunt Gheri made the best chili I ever had. She’d make two huge pots of her famous chili and pass it out in Mason jars. I was spoiled, however, and got two Mason jars. I protected my jars with my life until devouring the last bite.

I’ve not had chili that tasted like hers in decades.

Do you know what the best restaurant in the world would be?

If we could gather all of our mom and grand mom’s recipes and found the right chef who could execute the recipes with the right ingredients and a dash of love, we’d have a great restaurant.

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