Being booted off Twitter is like being kidnapped

Fedora Night at Comerica Park is in jeopardy.

I won’t be able to tell you when I fill in as a guest on the Woodward Sports Network.

I cannot tell you about the odd ball life I enjoyed as a broadcaster and sports journalist in Detroit.

Twitter has been my main source of communication because it is fun. Stressful at times, but most of the time fun.

My account has been hacked. My user name and password has been erased. In other words my job as a Twitter troll has been axed by somebody. Who? I do not know.

My Word Press account is linked to Twitter and this is the only way I can post on my time line. Somebody else has control of that. It’s like having your identity stolen. It is like having a part of you kidnapped.

Twitter is part of my rehab from recovering from a stroke. Doing podcasts and writing blogs helps me recover also. One of my doctors stressed the importance of doing what I used to do in moderation. He stressed the importance of doing things that makes me happy and makes me feel productive.

I decided being a Twitter troll was it for me.

However, stress and duress are deadly combinations for me, which rules out a full time job unless it is as lotion boy in South Beach once the pandemic dies down.

I will try to communicate with Twitter again today to see if I can get up and running again. Chances are I must shut my account down and start all over which means I will lose thousands of followers and we won’t be able to have the fun together again.

So we cannot organize Fedora Night at Comerica. Or I can’t tell you about my new buddies at Woodward Sports Network.

Any way blogs are supposed to be short. I’m out.

Wish me luck.

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I am a 58 year old retired sports journalist, husband and father of two living outside of Detroit in search of his next big adventure in life.

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