Detroit has cool sports nicknames. The Lions don’t

The Detroit Tigers gave us Miggy, Sweet Lou, The Georgia Peach, Captain Hook, Hooks, Tram, Mr. Tiger, JV and Mad Max.

Who can forget Zeke, Spider and Worm, Bump and Thump, AD and the Dobber playing for the Pistons? Even Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly earned the name Daddy Rich.

The Red Wings roster was filled with guys named Mr. Hockey, The Captain, The Dominator, Ozzie, The Professor, Vladinator and the Russian Five.

Yeah we have Megatron and the Super Natural with the Lions. But it says something when three of the highest profile players in team history came and went without a nickname. We called Matthew Stafford, Matthew Stafford, Barry Sanders, Barry and Chris Spielman, Chris.

Maybe that’s the stench of a franchise that never won a championship. Or even contended for one in six decades. Same Old Lions is not a nickname. That is a mission statement. Although we have Lions Kool-Aid and Lions cornbread we lack the names that tie an athlete to a city.

When Sanders made a big run the Silverdome rumbled with chants of “Barry.” But last time I checked that is simply his first name.

What gives?

Even Michigan State gave us Magic and Little Brother. Does Arrogant Asses and Michigan Man count in Ann Arbor?

This is T Foss reporting.

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