Asian hate is real. Let’s stop it ASAP

A nervous acting Asian woman pushed her small child in a stroller inside TJ Maxx in Novi. I nodded my head, smiled and gave a little wave to show support and brotherhood.

Asians are the latest minority group to be under attack in this country and I wanted to make sure this woman felt some love — even if it was for a brief second. I know what its like to be scorned because of skin color. At least for me it has not resulted in bodily harm. But it results into uncomfortable situations and fear.

Whites in particular do not believe your stories when you say somebody called you a name or treated you poorly because of skin color. Just because they don’t think that way, they believe it is impossible for others to do so. You tell them your stories and you need documentation and photographs to convince them.

I’ve told stories and had people tell me it did not happen because “this is 1988. Or this is 2010. Or Barack Obama is president. Things like this no longer happen.”

For instance we asked a white guy to take a photo of our family at Graceland in Memphis. He angrily told us to “go to hell.” His wife apologized and said “he gets this way sometimes.” About 10 minutes later this guy eagerly took a photo of an all white family in front of an Elvis bust.

A few years ago an old white guy told me inside the Pontiac Lake Inn in Waterford he did not like niggers. He caught me in a weird mood. Instead of telling the guy off I said: “I don’t like them either. If you see one let me know.”

I winked at a brother who downed one of their burgers at the bar.

They don’t believe the statistics that say that Asian hate crime has spike 120 percent since the Covid-19 hit our shores. People in our country are ignorant. They blame people that had no role in spreading the virus for spreading the virus.

They are blaming people from Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and from the United States for the pandemic. Here is what you might believe. White people are not the sole perpetrators of these crimes. The hate toward Asians is coming from blacks, Hispanics and whites.

We are all to blame and all should be ashamed of how our fellow men and women are behaving.

Asians are getting punched, kicked and spat on at a record breaking rate. Some Einstein said the crimes might be happening, but these are not hate crimes. Asians, especially older ones, make a lot of money. Did criminals just make this discovery in the last 12 months?

Bing Zhang of Ray Chinese School in Chicago said that the community did not want Asian students to return to school for fear of spreading the Coronavirus.

“We were born here. We are American. There is nothing wrong with us,” Zhang told the Chicago Tribune during a rally to bring attention to Asian hate crimes. “We didn’t do anything wrong. We are not the cause of Covid.”

The media is under attack because it continues to call the Atlanta massage shootings a hate crime although alleged shooter Robert Aaron Long and his friends and family claim he had a sex addiction, not an anti Asian bias. However, Asian leaders believe it was a hate crime therefore the media should cover the story that way until the Asian community deems it a non story.

Asian thoughts have been smothered for generations in this country. It’s like their views don’t count.

Let’s be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If you see somebody who does not look like you, how about giving them a quick smile. We’ll hold off on the hugs until after the pandemic.

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