It seems like some want Covid to win this war

Anne is not one of my tip top of the line friends only because she lives hundreds of miles away in a small Oklahoma town which prevents us from doing silly things together to bond a better friendship. She is Lippy the Party Girl and has a soothing voice that would put you to sleep after reading one bed time story.

Lippy is a graduate of Kansas University and helped guide one of my neighbors into becoming a Jayhawk. She is also very nice and would not hurt a fly even if it landed on her favorite snack.

All she wants to do in life is enjoy a good glass of wine while wearing a sun dress, sandals and a straw hat. What is the harm in that?

Like many of us Lippy had a difficult 2020. Shut downs and ignorant behavior made life difficult. She now sees a light at the end of the tunnel and celebrated about how happy she was after getting her second Covid vaccine. It was from Pfizer if you keeping score at home.

Her innocent post stirred up the jerks on line. An anti-vaccine person who does not know Lippy decided to ruin her day. He posted something to the effect that Lippy won’t be celebrating much longer after contracting a disease from the shot that will end her life prematurely. Then he called her dumb and gullible.

This from a complete stranger to a complete stranger. What was the point? Why push his anti-vaccine agenda? Seeing this time line angered me. I call these people Antizines, the people who refuse to take the vaccine and do not want you to also.

They attacked me also when I announced getting my second shot. That did not bother me. I’m a jerk. Lippy is not.

It baffles me why Antizines push their agenda to perfect strangers, why they feel the need to tell us we are dumb, gullible and should not listen to science and the government. Several told me that my side effects would be so severe that I’d be up all night calling for my mommy. That never happened and its been five days since taking the second Moderna vaccine.

One of my best friends won’t take the shot but is not an Antizine. She celebrated with me when I told her I was fully vaccinated. She did not shame me or ridicule me or nag me about the pain and suffering I would go through. She simply explained why she is on the fence and wished me well.

During Covid we have faced people that don’t want you to wear a mask. They don’t want you to vaccinate yourselves. I want this stuff to end. I want life to return as close to normal as possible.

I keep asking these people the same question. Then what are we supposed to do? I have yet to get an answer.

Are we supposed to let the pandemic win?

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