I had the police talk with my son again — just to be sure

The turmoil between some police and black males has gotten so intense lately that I picked up the phone and refreshed “The Talk” with my 19 year old son Brandon.

The Talk is something every dad should have with their sons or daughters. How must you conduct yourself if stopped by the police so everybody returns home safe and sound?

I worry more because he is in East Lansing and during his drives is under the jurisdiction of Lansing and East Lansing police along with the Ingham County Sheriffs.

I reminded him that he cannot win during a stop with police, especially as a black male. Do not make sudden moves. Comply no matter how ridiculous the request or disrespectful the officer. Our main objective is bringing Brandon home safely.

We will pay the fine. We will get you out of jail as quickly as we can. The only thing we cannot do is bring you back to life.

Twenty year old Duane Wright made the fatal mistake of trying to flee and was fatally shot. He should not have been killed, but those are the potential consequences when you step outside the lines.

Things are so bad that they are tasing brothers with revolvers.

A military uniform isn’t a safe haven either. Lt Sgt. Caron Nazario was maced and yelled at as he sat in his car with his hands held outside his car. Officers appeared to be upset because he did not immediately pull over when stopped and decided to drive to a lighted gas station. The way the police were acting it was a move that may have saved his life.

There are some who said he should have complied and left the vehicle when police demanded it. They are right. However, Nazario said he was fearful of leaving his car. A policeman immediately said; “You should be.”

Brandon said he has followed all of the incidents closely and that he remembers all the things I’ve told him over the years.

“Don’t worry dad,” he said.

Sorry. But I do worry.

Brandon was pulled over once in West Bloomfield and he followed my commands to a tee. He said the incident was peaceful and a learning experience. We hope it is always like this.

I ask this question to gain knowledge. But do police pull guns on white people during routine traffic stops? Brandon’s Uncle Derek was stopped for speeding in central Michigan and the officer approached with his gun pointing at him.

A police officer in Novi reached for his gun after pulling me over near 12 Oaks Mall. He recognized my voice from radio and kept the gun in his holster.

“Why are you speeding on my watch T Foss,” he joked.

I’ve had a gun pointed at me and it is very scary. I am sure I sounded like a babbling idiot until the gun was put away.

Police in Waterford, Walled Lake, Grosse Pointe, Oakland County and Detroit have given me their cell phone numbers and told me to call if I get stopped in their city. They said the overwhelming number of police want to do the right thing. But they admitted there are a handful of guys that are either afraid of black people or don’t like them.

I hope Brandon never runs into those people. I am happy Brandon and I went over “The Talk” again. I want him to be safe. I want him to grow up to be an old man like me.

“I appreciate you talking to me dad,” he said. “But don’t worry. I got this.”

Sorry. I am a dad. We are paid to worry.

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