Ron Artest wanted to play for the Pistons after the Brawl

FIVE THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE GOING TO WORK PISTONS Players were afraid of Ben Wallace when he was upset with the team’s play. Rasheed Wallace was the loudest guy in the room. Tim Duncan did not like playing against Ben Wallace. Ron Artest errr Metta World Peace wanted to play for the PistonsContinue reading “Ron Artest wanted to play for the Pistons after the Brawl”

My painful life altering night in the hospital

It was a long difficult night, as they all were, when I lay up in a hospital bed struggling for much needed sleep after suffering the first of two strokes. This night was more unsettling, more painful and thought provoking. I don’t know if it was day two or day three of my first stayContinue reading “My painful life altering night in the hospital”

Freedom of speech is being destroyed

I probably won’t vote for John James during his Senate bid against Michigan Democrat Gary Peters. However, I respect people’s rights to vote for James, Haley Stevens or any of the politicians people support. I bring this up because one of my neighbors supports James enough to put one of his political lawn signs in their frontContinue reading “Freedom of speech is being destroyed”

Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day

Today I will only share good thoughts with you, whether you visit my blog or my rants on Twitter and Face book. That is to honor Bob Wojnowski and the late and great Jamie Samuelsen who both want a world of good will and great joy. I am motivated by the final line of Wojo’sContinue reading “Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day”

Should we send the son off to college during Covid-19?

A big family meeting is planned this weekend. This is when we decide whether to send our son Brandon to Michigan State University for his freshman year to live in the dorms and experience as much of the college experience as he can during a pandemic. Or do we let him stay home and takeContinue reading “Should we send the son off to college during Covid-19?”

Mask antagonist catches Covid-19

A few weeks ago I wrote about the man who chastised me for wearing a mask in a restaurant. He is not convinced that masks help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and believes that people who wear masks are liberal sheep. As I was leaving the restaurant sporting my Central Michigan University decorated mask IContinue reading “Mask antagonist catches Covid-19”

Temperature rising. Do I have Covid-19?

I was fast asleep when I felt my wife Abs wiping off my forehead. The gesture woke me up and I was slightly annoyed until I felt ripples of water pouring from my face. “You are hot,” she said. “You are wrong,” I replied. “I am burning up.” The first thing that came to mindContinue reading “Temperature rising. Do I have Covid-19?”

Let Jamie be your guide. Get that colonoscopy soon

His first email address was JamSam22. That’s why I call Jamie Samuelson Two, Two. He’s been Sammy the Sports Sultan, The Big Headed Kid. He is a good guy, a family guy and a smart guy. Jamie is not just a friend to us in the sports media. He is a friend to all whenContinue reading “Let Jamie be your guide. Get that colonoscopy soon”