Now that America is woke lets make real change

Someone sent me a Dead Spin column from Rob Parker about changing The Masters to another name because it hints at slavery. It is also believed that the Augusta National Golf Club used to house slaves. They wanted to know what I thought. I am not offended by the name Masters. Now that America isContinue reading “Now that America is woke lets make real change”


Detroit cannot support all sports radio

I’m not surprised that WDFN and 105.1 FM are out of the sports business and that 97.1 The Ticket stands alone talking sports in Detroit. When I did radio at 97.1 with Mike Valenti I was taught that if you only talked sports that eventually you’d go out of business because you could not getContinue reading “Detroit cannot support all sports radio”

Did this happen because I’m black

Let’s play a game today. Did this happen because I’m black? It is a game I get to play periodically in life following real life experiences because you wonder if a person treated you differently because they thought you were going to do something wrong because you are black? Or is this the way theContinue reading “Did this happen because I’m black”

I wear a mask to protect me and my American teammates

I was walking out of an indoor establishment when I heard the following. “Oh no. Not you too T Foss.” The man’s name was Chad and he was upset that I wore a mask. He wanted to know why I chose to give up my civil rights and bow to the lies of the mediaContinue reading “I wear a mask to protect me and my American teammates”

Covid still kicking so stay away from me

Maybe it’s time for me to go back into the bubble. This young whipper snapper Covid has me worried. So does society. I need to stay away from people because we are failing to act right. You see too many people who believe a network of doctors and media members are lying about this pandemicContinue reading “Covid still kicking so stay away from me”