Black and blue lives matter

I want to make two T-shirt purchases which will anger the entire this polarized country. First I want a Black Lives Matter T-shirt to protest the senseless killings of black males by police officers who are always found not guilty by jurors. And I want to purchase a thin blue line T-shirt as an actContinue reading “Black and blue lives matter”


A graduation letter to celebrate Father’s Day

I WROTE THIS LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER CELINE ON THE DAY SHE GRADUATED FROM WEST BLOOMFIELD HIGH SCHOOL AND I WANT TO SHARE IT ON FATHER’S DAY   June 4, 2017 Dear Celine, Today is graduation day and I want you to know that dad loves you very much and I am proud of you.Continue reading “A graduation letter to celebrate Father’s Day”

Pork chops, greens and the black conservative

Thursday is my favorite day to go to the black barbershop for a beard trim and catch up on current affairs in Detroit. Thursday is not a very crowded day like Friday and Saturday. But you still get the great benefits of the weekend. This is when the guy with large white boxes filled with soulContinue reading “Pork chops, greens and the black conservative”

JD Martinez a Tiger for life if Mike Ilitch were alive

The Tigers are telling people that they might not be able to afford slugger JD Martinez and may trade him before he becomes a free agent after the 2017 season. If Mike Ilitch were alive we would not hear such silly talk. JD would be part of the Tigers long-term future. Whether the moves wereContinue reading “JD Martinez a Tiger for life if Mike Ilitch were alive”