The little guy is being pushed out in downtown Detroit

The Cornerstone restaurant on Woodward is a great place to stop before a game or concert at Comerica Park. A few of us gathered there a few days ago to discuss the future of downtown. Places like the Cornerstone may not be there for long. It could disappear just like Henry the Hatter and otherContinue reading “The little guy is being pushed out in downtown Detroit”

A friendly homeless murderer walks among us

I bought lunch for a talkative guy named Demetrius Holloway during my last visit downtown. He kind of smelled and was missing parts of teeth in his front grill and wore an old dirty T-shirt and torn jeans. Here is something else you should know about Demetrius. He is a homeless friendly murderer, convicted toContinue reading “A friendly homeless murderer walks among us”

Calvin Johnson frustrations led to retirement

There used to be a saying in the Lions dressing room when players  visited with former teammates who were playing elsewhere in the league. “You have arrived,” they would tell their buddies. In other words you are playing for a real organization in the NFL and have escaped the Mickey Mouse Lions. They said itContinue reading “Calvin Johnson frustrations led to retirement”

Let’s share the world’s best cigar

Dan Jenuwine has been in the cigar business for a long time. So he’s seen every type of cigar imaginable. Big ones. Small ones. Fat and skinny. So what is the best cigar out there? “When someone tells me they had the best cigar I stop them,” Jenuwine said. “I ask them where they wereContinue reading “Let’s share the world’s best cigar”

Van Gundy: Pistons will never tank

No Big Ballers or Foxes patrolled the Palace on a quiet Saturday afternoon. That’s because the Pistons did everything they could to win games and settled for the 12th pick of the draft and a 6-foot-5 shooting guard in Luke Kennard who won’t make a major impact immediately on this team. The best of the bestContinue reading “Van Gundy: Pistons will never tank”