Is this what death feels like?

On the night I thought I was going to die the room spun like a washer in spin dry. The room didn’t actually spin. It was all in my head. I could not stand and I could not hold down the food I ate that night for dinner. I did not suffer a stroke on theContinue reading “Is this what death feels like?”

JD Martinez a Tiger for life if Mike Ilitch were alive

The Tigers are telling people that they might not be able to afford slugger JD Martinez and may trade him before he becomes a free agent after the 2017 season. If Mike Ilitch were alive we would not hear such silly talk. JD would be part of the Tigers long-term future. Whether the moves wereContinue reading “JD Martinez a Tiger for life if Mike Ilitch were alive”

Running man — again

The whiffle game between the parents and the kids was tied 11-11 in the bottom of the seventh. I was standing on first when teammate Bart Hodge sent a screamer into right field. It looked like a double and I was determined to score from first and win the ball game. I rounded second and felt a slightContinue reading “Running man — again”