Terry Foster Boombayey Podcast s4

Welcome back to the Terry Foster Boombayey Podcast. Terry is joined by Smack, Ryan and E.Lund.They discuss when athletes get grumpy over bad reviews. How Joel Loving made Smack’s head explode. College football(Mich &MSU) and a bonus segment all about Halloween.  

Boombayey Podcast # 2

Terry Foster Podcast
Boombayey Podcast # 2

Welcome to the second episode of Boombayey Podcast  with Terry Foster. Joining Terry for this show is Ryan, E.Lund, and special guests Rhonda Moss, and Rico Beard. Segment 1: Too hot for radio storytime with Terry.  Why are you not watching ESPN? Do  play by play crews add anything to the game? Segment 2: MichiganContinue reading “Boombayey Podcast # 2”