Happy International Left Handers Day

I am a lefty. Sort of. I bat and golf left-handed. Sometimes I eat with my left hand. Today is International lefty day and I celebrate all of you who hear the annoying chants of “Hooker” or “Hook” when you step up to the plate in softball. Lefties are not the norm, which makes itContinue reading “Happy International Left Handers Day”

Debating Kamala Harris for Vice President

We call it vibing. My daughter Celine and I sat on the couch last night watching Good Bones, where a mother daughter team fixes up houses and sells them. During out vibing session I brought up Kamala Harris, who is Joe Biden’s vice presidential choice. I’d heard that many younger black people were not thrilledContinue reading “Debating Kamala Harris for Vice President”

It’s time to shut down college football

We had our chance to play college football. We had an opportunity to see if Michigan would finally beat Ohio State. Or see what Michigan State looked like without Mark Dantonio on the sidelines. But we blew it. Now the only alternative is to shut it down. We let Covid-19 get out of control inContinue reading “It’s time to shut down college football”

Bringing Barry Sanders out of retirement

In 1998 I wrote a story saying that Lions Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders was coming out of retirement and rejoining the team. I never sent that story to my editors at the Detroit News. But I was convinced Barry was returning because I was on the phone every other day with hisContinue reading “Bringing Barry Sanders out of retirement”

Ron Artest wanted to play for the Pistons after the Brawl

FIVE THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE GOING TO WORK PISTONS Players were afraid of Ben Wallace when he was upset with the team’s play. Rasheed Wallace was the loudest guy in the room. Tim Duncan did not like playing against Ben Wallace. Ron Artest errr Metta World Peace wanted to play for the PistonsContinue reading “Ron Artest wanted to play for the Pistons after the Brawl”

My painful life altering night in the hospital

It was a long difficult night, as they all were, when I lay up in a hospital bed struggling for much needed sleep after suffering the first of two strokes. This night was more unsettling, more painful and thought provoking. I don’t know if it was day two or day three of my first stayContinue reading “My painful life altering night in the hospital”

Freedom of speech is being destroyed

I probably won’t vote for John James during his Senate bid against Michigan Democrat Gary Peters. However, I respect people’s rights to vote for James, Haley Stevens or any of the politicians people support. I bring this up because one of my neighbors supports James enough to put one of his political lawn signs in their frontContinue reading “Freedom of speech is being destroyed”

Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day

Today I will only share good thoughts with you, whether you visit my blog or my rants on Twitter and Face book. That is to honor Bob Wojnowski and the late and great Jamie Samuelsen who both want a world of good will and great joy. I am motivated by the final line of Wojo’sContinue reading “Let’s make today Jam Sam Goodness Day”