My take on the Tom Izzo-Gabe Brown spat

Former Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna said not to pay attention to sideline blow ups during athletic events. Coaches and players get riled up enough to cause national stinks five or six times a game. I will apply that logic to the Tom Izzo-Gabe Brown explosion during halftime of Michigan State’s 86-80 overtime loss toContinue reading “My take on the Tom Izzo-Gabe Brown spat”

Detroit is not a college basketball town

During my youth it was easy to find an uncle or older neighbor to drive us to Calihan Hall to watch the Detroit Titans do battle on a Saturday afternoon. The place was packed or near capacity as the Titans played some of the top programs in the nation. One evening we saw future BostonContinue reading “Detroit is not a college basketball town”

Detroit has cool sports nicknames. The Lions don’t

The Detroit Tigers gave us Miggy, Sweet Lou, The Georgia Peach, Captain Hook, Hooks, Tram, Mr. Tiger, JV and Mad Max. Who can forget Zeke, Spider and Worm, Bump and Thump, AD and the Dobber playing for the Pistons? Even Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly earned the name Daddy Rich. The Red Wings rosterContinue reading “Detroit has cool sports nicknames. The Lions don’t”

11 seed is about right for Michigan State

My Sparty wife Abs immediately stormed out of the living room after learning Michigan State was playing UCLA in a play in game for the right to play BYU in the NCAA tournament.“We must really suck,” she screamed. “This is embarrassing.”Actually it is not. She is used to seeing Richmond, South Dakota State or OaklandContinue reading “11 seed is about right for Michigan State”

Shutting the door on the buddy you love is tough

I finished packing my bags for another Detroit Pistons road trip when I saw one of the most gut wrenching sights of my life. My four year old son Brandon stood guard at the front door clutching the handles of a Winnie the Pooh travel bag. He grew tired of dad being on the roadContinue reading “Shutting the door on the buddy you love is tough”

Being booted off Twitter is like being kidnapped

Fedora Night at Comerica Park is in jeopardy. I won’t be able to tell you when I fill in as a guest on the Woodward Sports Network. I cannot tell you about the odd ball life I enjoyed as a broadcaster and sports journalist in Detroit. Twitter has been my main source of communication becauseContinue reading “Being booted off Twitter is like being kidnapped”

My Twitter account has been compromised

I no longer have control of my Twitter account. It has been hacked and somebody else has taken control of it. The only way I can communicate is through my blog because whenever I post a link it is sent to Twitter. Other than that I cannot communicate. Only the person who hacked my accountContinue reading “My Twitter account has been compromised”