Our health club is a no wink zone

There was turmoil in the health club today. One of the guys I work out with got called on the carpet for winking at a woman. She didn’t like it and reported him to the staff. There are eight of us guys who work out together and Planet Fitness threatened to kick us all outContinue reading “Our health club is a no wink zone”

Sexual harassment in dressing room

One of the low points of my journalism career came early in my career. I was a fresh face 25-year-old at the Detroit Free Press covering minor league baseball for the paper. Do you know what I did? Nothing. And that’s the problem. I was inside the Toledo Mud Hens dressing room at the LucasContinue reading “Sexual harassment in dressing room”

My new podcast is up and running

If you have a mouth on you and enjoy talking you might be hearing from me. I just launched the Terry Foster’s boombaye podcast and I am asking for a little help from my friends to keep it going. My health is improving daily and I thought now was the time to get into podcasting.Continue reading “My new podcast is up and running”

Flames did not destroy Kronk gym

The story of fire destroying the old Kronk Gym is a good one except it is not true. The city of Detroit placed Kronk on its death bed, not an arsonist as news outlets are reporting. The Free Press ran a heart warming photo of boxing great Tommy Hearns looking over the remains of hisContinue reading “Flames did not destroy Kronk gym”