The Lindell AC burger returns?

The return of the Lindell AC, America’s first sports bar, does not appear to be in the making. However, Detroit might see the return of the famous Lindell AC hamburger. Mel Butsicaris, who is the son of former co-owner Johnny Butsicaris, said he is considering approaching Olympia Entertainment about opening a Lindell AC stand inContinue reading “The Lindell AC burger returns?”

Daly pushed for AD Pistons trade in 1989

Let me clear up on of the all-time Detroit sports myths, that Isiah Thomas had Adrian Dantley traded before the Pistons won their first NBA title in 1989. It was Pistons coach Chuck Daly who demanded change. On Jan. 22, 1989 the Pistons dropped a sluggish 112-99 decision to the struggling Boston Celtics at BostonContinue reading “Daly pushed for AD Pistons trade in 1989”

Double Whammy: Tigers lose, Sanchez back in the rotation

The Tigers 6-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners Monday night wasn’t the only bad news for Tiger fans. Anibal Sanchez is back in the rotation, which in the long run will turn into a disaster. He pitched well enough for manager Brad Ausmus to say he earned another start. I don’t trust Sanchez to beContinue reading “Double Whammy: Tigers lose, Sanchez back in the rotation”

A graduation letter to celebrate Father’s Day

I WROTE THIS LETTER TO MY DAUGHTER CELINE ON THE DAY SHE GRADUATED FROM WEST BLOOMFIELD HIGH SCHOOL AND I WANT TO SHARE IT ON FATHER’S DAY   June 4, 2017 Dear Celine, Today is graduation day and I want you to know that dad loves you very much and I am proud of you.Continue reading “A graduation letter to celebrate Father’s Day”

Pork chops, greens and the black conservative

Thursday is my favorite day to go to the black barbershop for a beard trim and catch up on current affairs in Detroit. Thursday is not a very crowded day like Friday and Saturday. But you still get the great benefits of the weekend. This is when the guy with large white boxes filled with soulContinue reading “Pork chops, greens and the black conservative”