Oh how I hate Ohio State

ohio state shirtCOLUMBUS, Ohio — My daughter Celine was honored one last time as a graduating senior during the Jack and Jill Midwest regional teen conference and the family made the four-hour ride to The Ohio State University to support her.

Every time I visit a college campus I peak inside a book store or clothing store to buy the gear of the college. I own stuff from the University of Wisconsin, Purdue, Alabama and UCLA. You will probably catch me around town wearing Stanford gear since that is where Celine plans to attend.

I walked inside of two Ohio State stores and froze. I could not pull the trigger. There is something about that school that triggers resentment, hatred and spite. I could not buy an Ohio State shirt.

My neighbors, who are very nice people, are Buckeyes and said they will never purchase a University of Michigan or Michigan State shirt. I understand.

Whenever I go to OSU I think of the 10-year war between Bo and Woody. I think of Woody saying he’d rather run out of gas than stop at a gas station in Michigan and spend his money.

I think of how mean OSU fans are toward Michigan fans during games at the Horse Shoe and what asses Cleveland Indian fans are when they host Tiger fans in the summer.

I think of how the Ohio State troopers give us tickets for going two miles over the speed limit and I think of these two ladies that cursed out every Michigan player as they emerged from the dressing room the last time I went to a game at Ohio Stadium. They both were at least 70 years old, maybe 80.

There is something wrong with that state and I understand why former Michigan coach Brady Hoke refused to call Ohio State, Ohio State.

The only good things about Ohio is Cedar Point, Graeters ice cream and LeBron James if he were a Piston.

We have a healthy rivalry with Ohio and even fought over Toledo.

You know what would be perfect? Couldn’t they move Ohio a few hundred miles to the south and west?

I’d rather have Illinois as a neighbor.



Let’s share the world’s best cigar

Dan Jenuwine has been in the cigar business for a long time. So he’s seen every type of cigar imaginable.

Big ones. Small ones. Fat and skinny.

So what is the best cigar out there?

“When someone tells me they had the best cigar I stop them,” Jenuwine said. “I ask them where they were and who they smoked it with. That makes the best cigar. It is the moment.”

Hopefully we can enjoy that perfect cigar during Thursday’s Jenuwine cigar and wine tasting event which will double as my media retirement party at the Jenuwine Cigar Lounge in Sterling Heights by Lakeside Mall.

I never enjoyed a retirement party after leaving 97.1 The Ticket and laziness on my part played a big role.

I enjoyed dinner and drinks with Mike and Sully but that is not a retirement party.

I shared lunch with a few people that work in the building. But chicken sandwiches and salad at Panera is not a retirement party.

On Thursday I am having a real retirement party and I have no idea who is showing up. But you are all invited to Jenuwine Cigar Lounge, 44791 Schoenherr, in Sterling Heights near Lakeside Mall for my so-long bash that runs from 6-8:30 p.m.

Owner Dan Jenuwine was a big fan of the Valenti and Foster Show and decided to include me in his Thursday bash, which I totally appreciate. There will be fine cigars, wine and liquor specials throughout the evening along with good food.

You can even win a golf bag to put those dirty clubs in.

Representatives from cigar and wine companies will introduce some of their newer products and feature discount drinks, cigars and giveaways.

What’s the best cigar in Jenuwine’s 2,100 square foot humidor? Dan likes the ones where guys in work boots who just finished digging trenches is smoking one next to a guy in a suit and laughing together as they swap life stories.

Gun shots ruin perfect day at fireworks

It was one minute before the Detroit fireworks were to begin when a gun shot rang out in the Spirit of Detroit plaza.

Eight of us were huddled at a picnic table about 30 feet away and everybody immediately wanted to call it a night as a stampede of people rushed us from the area of the shooting. My two children and their friends got up from the table and began walking away.

They were scared.

What had been a nice bonding afternoon of sight seeing and talk was ruined by someone who shot an innocent bystander following an argument.

A 47 year old woman was shot and she was on her way to Ford Hospital. We were unharmed and were on our way to the John Lodge freeway to get the heck out of town. My children Brandon and Celine eagerly said yes when I asked if they wanted to attend the fireworks.

Both said they are not coming back next year. We did not see the shooting. We did not see the aftermath but it traumatized my family enough that they don’t want to come back.

After the shooting I made a move toward the crime scene to see what was going on which bothered Celine.

“I wanted to smack you upside the back of the head,” she said. “I did not want you to get  shot.”

When I turned around to retreat my kids were already leaving and within 10 seconds a group of teenagers jumped onto the picnic table we’d been sitting at since 4:30 in the afternoon. Our spot was gone. As a dad I felt I needed to reclaim our turf.

“Would you guys please get up,” I said to the group. “We’ve been here all afternoon and only got up because of the shooting.”

No one moved except my daughter Celine who walked up to me and said: “It’s OK dad. It’s not that deep. We just want to leave any way.”

Celine feared one of the teenagers would want to do me harm. So we walked away as a light rain pelted us. It was Brandon, Celine and her friend short Grace.

Brandon was so distraught that he stepped in a pile of horse dung.

I was a little upset. It had been a perfect day. We enjoyed dinner at Mexican Village, cookies from Avalon bakery and some snacks from Woodward Coney Island. And we talked about graduation, college and the girls engaged in girl talk while Brandon ate everything in sight.

The picnic table next to us was led by a dad who was taking and selling photos to help pay for the pizza and hotdogs his children and wife ate.

We hoped to top off the day with a colorful and loud fireworks show.

It didn’t happen.

“The fireworks is what we would call a success but we had a few knuckleheads out here that wanted to argue,” Detroit Assistant Chief Arnold Williams told a group of reporters later. “And having that argument caused a lot of people a lot of pain.”

The only good thing is the incident allowed us to leave downtown without sitting in traffic. We zipped on the Lodge and were home pretty quickly.

The evening was ruined but I thought of the silver lining. Celine, Brandon and short Grace were in the car safe and sound. We did not have to spend the evening in the hospital with a gun hot wound. We would be at home with our loved ones

I appreciated that we were all safe and had a good tale to tell friends. We just won’t be back next year.







Van Gundy: Pistons will never tank

No Big Ballers or Foxes patrolled the Palace on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

That’s because the Pistons did everything they could to win games and settled for the 12th pick of the draft and a 6-foot-5 shooting guard in Luke Kennard who won’t make a major impact immediately on this team.

The best of the best were shipped off to Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia.

And that’s the way it will remain for the Pistons. Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy stated that neither he, owner Tom Gores or any of the Piston players will try to tank games for better draft positions now or in the future.

It goes against the grain of athletics where the elite fight for every game and fight for every inch of turf.

“I’ve never met or seen a coach that is tanking,” Van Gundy said. “I think organizations do based on sitting players who are on your roster. But once the game starts everybody is trying to win. Nobody is trying to lose a game. Even in Philly Brett Brown was trying to win every game. They were giving him players he couldn’t win with. That is how you lose games. Coaches don’t tank.”

Now that the NBA draft is behind him Van Gundy can attend more Tiger games at Comerica Park. He remains a Tigers fan and hopes the team can rebound from its last place status in the American League Central and make the playoffs.

He was thrilled to see that General Manager Al Avila did not throw up the white flag of surrender on the day he released pitcher Francisco Rodriguez. Some Tiger fans have given up and hope the team trades away some of its assets for younger players that can help down the road.

Van Gundy is not one of those people.

“That’s always crazy,” Van Gundy said. “I am a Tigers fan. I watch. They are still in the race. There’s time. I think fans get that way before we (coaches) do. We still think we are going to turn it around. Fans think when things go bad let’s tank and get a higher pick.”

I don’t like tanking. When a sports fan shells out money for a random Tuesday night Red Wings or Pistons game, they deserve an honest night’s effort. They also want their team to win. I’ve interview hundreds of professional athletes (siren) and they expect to win every time they step on the floor or field whether they are facing Tom Brady, LeBron James or Clayton Kershaw. That’s why they are professional athletes.

“I am always a buy guy,” Van Gundy said. “I am a different guy. I am always saying let’s get better.”

Twitter: @TerryFoster971















The Lindell AC burger returns?

The return of the Lindell AC, America’s first sports bar, does not appear to be in the making. However, Detroit might see the return of the famous Lindell AC hamburger.

Mel Butsicaris, who is the son of former co-owner Johnny Butsicaris, said he is considering approaching Olympia Entertainment about opening a Lindell AC stand in Little Caesars Arena.

The Lindell burger is not just any burger. It was considered one of the best tasting burgers in Metro Detroit and Mel said he has the recipe under lock and key. There is a formula of ground sirloin, ground chuck and other ingredients that made the Lindell burger taste great.

Mel said he is not interested in reviving the Lindell AC downtown although it would be a great idea and would honor his family who loved Detroit.

The Lindell AC became America’s first sports bar at the old Lindell Hotel and later on the corner of Michigan and Cass where sports fans crashed after Tiger, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings games. It is where politicians, sports figures and the common man mingled for decades.

The revival of the Lindell AC would make sense in District Detroit and bring back memories of when Detroit boomed as a city. The Butsicaris family was fiercely loyal to Detroit and refused to attend any Lion games in Pontiac and Piston games in Pontiac and Auburn Hills.

The return of the Lindell AC burger is a good start. But do you really want to make District Detroit pop then the Lindell AC must be part of it.



lindell ac2lindell ac

I am not Drew Sharp damn it!

“Hey Drew.”

“Hey Mr. Sharp.”

I heard it all the time and it drove me crazy. I am not Drew ”Boodini” Sharp. My name is Terry Foster. People got us mixed up all the time.

“Hey Mr. Sharp I enjoy you on ESPN.”

“Hey Drew why are you so rough on the Big Ten.”

I know we all look alike but that’s not me. I am the other light-skinned bald brother.

I had an agreement with Drew. I treated everybody nicely who confused me for him because he didn’t want to be perceived as a jerk except in his newspaper columns in the Detroit Free Press. He did the same for me because he was called Terry Foster hundreds of times.

There was a major difference between me and Drew. He was losing his hair and was trying to hold on to every last piece of it. I was not a fan of the Bozo look and shaved my head.

I also had children. Drew did not.

That didn’t stop someone from saying ”I didn’t know you had a daughter” while taking a walk with my daughter Celine.

Sadly no one has confused me for Boodini in a while. He died last October and no one calls me Mr. Sharp any more.

Now I miss it.

Daly pushed for AD Pistons trade in 1989

Let me clear up on of the all-time Detroit sports myths, that Isiah Thomas had Adrian Dantley traded before the Pistons won their first NBA title in 1989.

It was Pistons coach Chuck Daly who demanded change. On Jan. 22, 1989 the Pistons dropped a sluggish 112-99 decision to the struggling Boston Celtics at Boston Garden.

Daly wanted more of a free flowing offense and had grown tired of Dantley’s slow motion post up moves. He also wanted Dennis Rodman in the starting lineup. Daly went off on Dantley during a timeout in the game during one of the most horrific profanity laced arguments I’ve seen in sports.

Later that night I bumped into Daly at the team hotel because the team plane was not allowed to fly out of Logan Airport that night.

Daly was still fuming about the incident and said “We’ve got to get that (bleep) the (bleep) out of here.”

He was talking about AD.

Twenty one days later Dantley was traded to the Dallas Mavericks for Aguirre following a road victory against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Thomas always gets blamed for pushing the trade and I know he gave his blessings. But Daddy Rich was the one who said “let’s stop talking about the trade and make it happen.



Double Whammy: Tigers lose, Sanchez back in the rotation

The Tigers 6-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners Monday night wasn’t the only bad news for Tiger fans.

Anibal Sanchez is back in the rotation, which in the long run will turn into a disaster. He pitched well enough for manager Brad Ausmus to say he earned another start. I don’t trust Sanchez to be consistently good. And if Ausmus says he will start again, it means he is in the rotation. That’s how the Tigers roll.

They gave Dontrelle Willis too many starts in 2008 when it was apparent he was washed up. He never recaptured the 22-10 season he enjoyed with the Florida Marlins, winning just two games in three seasons with the Tigers.

After demoting Francisco Rodriguez from the closers role and benching him, the Tigers are beginning to pitch him in big spots again. That won’t turn out well either as he gave up his eighth home run in the last 24 innings last night.

The location of his pitches are not bad but the pitches lack bite and people are launching them into space.

Sanchez spent three weeks in Toledo with the Mud Hens “refreshing” himself after a tough start in the bull pen. Sanchez now has a 7.96 earned run average and 1.9 WHIP.

He worked on his mechanics in Toledo and his goal was to make every pitch look the same coming out of his hands but doing different things at the plate. It worked for one night.

He was not brilliant but good enough to impress the Tigers. He gave up two runs, five hits and three walks in five innings of work. He also gave up a home run but did not take the loss.

“He threw pretty well,” Ausmus told reporters after the game. “I thought he did a good job locating his fast ball, change up was good, mixed in the breaking ball. He did a nice job.”

Here is the problem. The Tigers (32-37) are 5 1/2 games out of first in the American League Central, three games out of the last wild card spot and are fading. Some how they must catch heat, but at the same time will chase some Sanchez magic that may never come by giving him more starts. That could be the difference between the playoffs and going home early.


Black and blue lives matter

I want to make two T-shirt purchases which will anger the entire this polarized country.

First I want a Black Lives Matter T-shirt to protest the senseless killings of black males by police officers who are always found not guilty by jurors.

And I want to purchase a thin blue line T-shirt as an act of support and solidarity to the great police officers that serve and protect us in daily life. That would anger folks who believe all police are out to murder blacks when they get a chance.

That simply is not true.

I write this today because another police officer was found not guilty of a murder when Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of the shooting of black passenger Philando Castile in Minnesota. The officer claimed he had no choice but to shoot him because he reached for his pockets. The girlfriend who shot the video claims the officer told him to produce identification.

I believe Castile would still be alive if he were white.

There are two sides to every issue. Unfortunately we live in a society that only looks at one side and stands doggedly on that side. There is no room for compromise let alone take a peek on the other side of the fence.

People get upset at the term Black Lives Matter. Here is my take on it. We already know that white lives matter and blue lives matter. I believe society does not put as much value on black lives as it should.

When someone is killed whether they are black, blue or white we must remember that someone in the world loves them which places value on that life.

We are either Democratic or Republican and make flimsy excuses for our party’s positions no matter what. We are either liberal or conservative and can never reach across and try to understand the other side.

We either believe that all police officers are murderers or that every black male that is murdered by a police officer deserved it. That is our divisive society.

I want to do the impossible. I want us to come together on one issue before more black and blues are killed.

When somebody murders a police officer, they are celebrated by some who say justice was served. When a black is murdered by a police officer I hear from folks who say: “He looked like a threat to me. I don’t blame the police for shooting him Well if he didn’t commit a crime.”

We are blind as a nation.

Police work hard and place their lives in danger every day. But you can’t tell me there should be a zero percent conviction rate in these often video taped murders.

The Black Lives Movement fell short after a sniper killed five Dallas police officers last summer.

“Black activist have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it,” the group said in a statement after the shootings. “Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.”

The statement did not go far enough. There was no remorse for the victims and their families.

The gunman Micah Johnson, a 25 year old military reservist, said he was not a supporter of Black Lives Matter and said he had problems with the group. He also said he wanted to kill white police officers.

I spoke to about a half dozen members of the Oakland County Sheriffs Department last year who told me they were upset about some of the shootings also. They said they respected all lives and would not shoot unless they deemed it necessary to protect their lives.

They admitted that in some of the cases that the officer’s lives were not in danger and that a more peaceful resolution was possible.

So I may order my T-shirts.

One day I might anger black folks who will call me a sell out. And the next day I might anger white folks who will call me an ungrateful militant.

That’s OK. I simply want folks to reach some type of compromise and reach across the aisle on an important issue before more black or blue lives are lost.







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