Terry Foster Podcast s19 Monday

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

We dive into (almost literally) potholes. Terry tells us of his trip to to see his daughter at Stanford. The Smak might have been an ugly American in Paris and Terry has a another tale of his time covering the Olympics. Those topics and much more in this episode of Terry Foster Podcast.

No go on Kroger’s Scan, Bag and Go

grocery store.jpgNOVI — One of my jobs as a retired sports broadcaster is to grocery shop. I popped my head into the Kroger off Haggerty Road and Six Mile and was met by a woman who wanted to show me a new way to shop.

It is called Scan, Bag and Go and I even got a free bag for trying out the new technology. Here is how it works. You pick up a scanner as you enter the store. You scan your own items and put them in your cart.

You by pass the cashier and the items are added up and you scan your scanner at the self check out and you are on your way. I tried it but returned my scanner to a manager about half way in. I felt guilty because I saw what this is all about. It is to reduce the work force and allow Kroger to lay off cashiers.

I wanted no part of it. Let the cashiers have their jobs.

I do not mind standing in line to pay for my groceries.  I know some people don’t.

Walmart is doing the same thing and wants to introduce its “Scan and Go” program to 100 stores nationwide. The Novi Kroger is the first in metro Detroit to allow customers to bye pass cashier.  It is the last time I will use scanners.

I loaded up my cart with fruit, fish and canned goods and had a nice chat with a cashier.

“They are trying to get rid of me,” she said. “I want my little job here. I enjoy it.”

Kroger plans to introduce “Scan, Bag and Go” to 400 stores nationwide for bigger profits and to compete with Amazon which opened a store in the Seattle area called Amazon Go that will not include cashiers.

I avoid the self check out lanes although a store manager swore to me these lanes were set up to make it easier for shoppers, not to get ride of cashiers.

Eventually the scanners will be eliminated and you will be able to scan items and pay for them using a mobile app on your smart phone.

Kroger has enjoyed 52 straight quarters of growth, but panic set in because the last quarter growth this year was a razer-thin  0.1 percent.

This is the wave of the future and this will be the way we all shop. However, I am going to fight this for as long as I can and shop the same way I have for the past five decades. This is not fair to the little man and woman.





We need compromise on gun laws

SAN FRANCISCO — I could not help but notice the young man wearing the bright and bold Second Amendment T-shirt as I walked toward Pier 37 in Fisherman’s Market.

The T-shirt also said “No negotiations and no compromise.” It seemed odd that he would wear this shirt right after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida as the nation was shaken after 17 kids and adults were murdered by a deranged male with an AR-15 assault rifle.

I cautiously approached and said “I do not want to take away your guns, but we need responsible gun laws that are enforced in this country. He was a nice gentleman but stuck to his word of no negotiation and no compromise.

Why should a sicko like the kid in Florida have the right to purchase a gun? The man said his fear is that the police will call sane people insane and deny them gun ownership. I then questioned why people need weapons intended for war. His fear is that the government will want to ban assault weapons today and hand guns tomorrow.

We have a gun problem in this country, but it is not just a gun problem. We have more pissed off people who are willing to shoot up schools, churches and movie theaters.

We must also change the way we live. Back in the day if somebody said they wanted to shoot their teacher or boss we laughed and moved on. Now if somebody makes a threat we must report it. Times have changed.

Society is different.

Here are my solutions. Suburban schools must act like they are in the hood. Detroit and Chicago schools already have metal detectors and a police presence because they know the building could be attacked by gangs or other criminals. Suburban schools act as if nothing can happen to them.

I walk into high schools all the time and tell a dude standing near the front door I want to go the office and just walk in. They don’t check you. You have the run of the school.

In the hood you get patted down or walk through a metal detector. That’s part of the process.

Mental health is an issue. So many institutions have closed and people are looking for help. A clinic closed a few years ago near Lafayette Park. A few days later a former patient jumped off a bridge onto the Lodge.

Politicians say the same, tired things. It is not the right time to talk about this. They are bought and paid for by the NRA, a gun lobby that pays millions to politicians for their support. If I had this kind of bank and clout we’d have a Terry Foster national holiday and my statue would be up somewhere in Washington D.C.

No new gun law or money for mental health will completely eliminate mass shootings. But we can negotiate and compromise to help reduce the carnage.

Now is the time to talk about it. We are losing too many good kids and adults while we wait.


Detroit media giant Cliff Russell always believed in me

cliff russell.jpgDuring my younger days I was playing in the media division of the Gus Macker basketball tournament at Eastern Michigan University and things were not going well.

I’d just made the controversial decision to leave the Detroit Free Press for the Detroit News. I played on the News team and we were getting our butts kicked, 18-12, by the Freep team. It was bad and some of the spectators were making fun of our team. One of the Freep players said “I am really enjoying this ass kicking,”

But then I heard a lone voice from the crowd.

“This game is not over. T is not going down like this.”

The lone voice was that of Cliff Russell who always believed in me. His words motivated me and I went on a scoring binge and we won 23-21. I am sad to report that Russell, 61, is dead. A giant void in the Detroit media has been created by his passing. He was not a giant of a man but he was a giant. Russell was the first black press secretary for the Detroit mayor’s office and Major League Baseball’s first black senior director of communications for the Detroit Tigers.

He had a radio show on 910 AM and was the radio voice of the University of Detroit Titans basketball team.

He played basketball at Texas El Paso and became a Hall of Fame basketball player at Wayne State University.

When Mike Ilitch was ready to spend money and compete in baseball Russell convinced Ilitch that I was the best person to tell the story first. He arranged a one on one interview on a Saturday afternoon in Ilitch’s Comerica Park office. After a two-hour interview I wrote the first story of the Tigers willing to spend and compete.

Ilitch kept his word and turned the sad sack Tigers into a contender.

Once again Russell believed in me to tell the story.

Russell was a really, really good guy who loved Detroit, Detroit history and could educate anyone about black history.

We bantered about me appearing on his radio show. Russell suffered several heart attacks and I had a stroke two years ago. We thought it would be a good idea to swap stories about life style changes and how to help others obtain good health.

Sadly, that show never happened.





Terry Foster Podcast s18 Thursday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

Terry is going on vacation during the winter and feels maybe that’s how he should always do it. While on vacation you should visit a steak house, which is what we discuss. Blake Griffin is now a Detroit Piston.( Say What!) What does that mean for your local NBA team? Coogi sweaters; not just for Cliff Huxtable. The Smak gives a lesson in multi colored high priced sweater fashion. All this and more on the newest Terry Foster Podcast.

Terry Foster Podcast s18 Monday

Welcome Back!

Terry is joined by JD ‘The Smak” and E.Lund

Well what do ya know, the Lions have a new head coach. We break it down. Also were the right questions asked at the Matt Patricia presser? Terry gives us how he would of handled it. Terry thinks he vaped once.(spoiler-he didn’t) Are you Olympic athlete backstory fatigued? E.Lund doesn’t understand the necessity for hockey fights, and we talk about why a certain big name Piston shouldn’t have his number retired.


The Lions claimed Randy Moss had alligator arms

randy moss.jpgThere was a kitchen that the media and Lions coaches and staff shared in the Pontiac Silverdome executive offices that became busy around meal time.

It was a spring day in 1998 when I stepped into the kitchen and ran into the Lions Director of Pro Personnel Ron Hughes. Outback Steakhouse was grilling burgers and steaks outside while we waited for the press conference to introduce University of Tennessee defensive back Terry Fair to the region.

I engaged Hughes in a little banter and asked how come the Lions were not introducing Randy Moss to the media?

The Lions used the 20th selection of the draft to pick Fair and left Moss on the board who was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the next pick.

I knew Moss had issues at Notre Dame and Florida State. He liked to smoke weed, which is not the worst thing NFL players do.  He was a jerk also. A number teams passed on him because of “character issues.” I believed that the Lions could not pass on him because they were losers.

Hughes gave me that “you don’t know anything about football” look. I was lectured how I did not see game film on the two players and finally said “Randy Moss has alligator arms.”

In other words he was afraid of getting hit and dropped passes over the middle. That was one of many blunders by the Lions.

Moss was notified this weekend that he will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame after catching 982 passes for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns. Fair did make some all rookie teams but did not become the shut down corner and kick return specialist the Lions claimed him to be. He was released by the team after four seasons. He was also released by the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers before calling it a career a year later during an injury-plagued season in St. Louis.

I don’t buy the alligator arms  theory. That’s an excuse. The Lions were afraid of Moss and his baggage.

The irony of this is that Fair is best known here for punching a wall in frustration and breaking his hand. The Lions claim it happened in a fit of rage after a loss. I heard it happened in a downtown night club because he was mad at a woman and missed his intended target.




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