Trying to sound right, not white

fresh nation3My Saturday mornings are spent at the old Tiger Stadium site where the Detroit Police Athletic League holds shop.

PAL hosts baseball, soccer and football games which provides entertainment outside the windows during our morning sessions. I am not there for the games. Rather I help out with PAL’s Fresh Nation project designed to expose  middle school and high school kids to broadcasting and journalism.

I am a mentor along with Stephanie Davis of WWJ 950 AM. The two hours there are easily the highlight of my week. Some of the students are so good that we nicknamed them “The Dream Team” and I am hoping some of them break into the mass media in Detroit or nationwide.

One boy said he has switched his career goals from being a scientist to a sports journalist.

I have a disturbing story however. We asked students to record a news cast and all went well until we got to one of the eighth graders. She covered her ears when we played her tape back.

I was taken back because I thought her opening was pretty solid. I asked why she didn’t want to hear the recording.

“Kids make fun of me because they say I talk proper,” she said. “They say that I am trying to sound white.”

I identified with the girl. It was the same crap I heard as a child growing up on Detroit’s west side. Has nothing changed in the last 50 years?

This girl was not trying to sound white. She wanted to sound right. She has potential and she is not going to get a broadcast job splitting her verbs or trying to be street.

As Don King would say. Only in America.

Black kids. We must do better. Those who try to better themselves are not trying to be white. They are trying to make it in the world and you do a disservice by making fun of them and trying to discourage them from greatness.

I used to catch all kinds of crap for reading books on the front porch in the summer. Books were my escape from my neighborhood and the noise that filled it. I read because I wanted to know what was outside my tiny world on Vancouver street.

Even some adults teased me and accused me of wanting to be a white boy.

So are you telling me that being black in the hood means being stupid and less than? I don’t buy that.

When I was a kid I did not want a job. I wanted a career. That is what I fought for in the class room and by reading books. I talked the way I did because the old women that raised me demanded that I not butcher the English language.

They made demands of me and I tried to meet them. There are so many ridiculous demands that some black people put on blacks who are trying to escape poverty and the hood.

A few years ago I wrote a story on black boys that loved to play baseball on Detroit’s east ide. But they kept their passion on the down low from friends, who made fun of them for liking baseball.

And do you know what they were accused of? You guessed it.

Trying to be white.


Terry Foster Podcast 36

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Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

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Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak”, and E.Lund

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Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” ,Chauncey and E.Lund

Terry’s washing machine decided to disrespect his house and flood. We talk about home disasters we’ve encountered.

The college football playoffs are all set. We break it down including how the format should be changed. Another upcoming event is the Autoshow. Terry likes that it’s moving to June. We don’t all agree.

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The clock is ticking on Harbaugh

goofy harbaughThe The clock never strikes zero on some games.

Michigan’s 62-39 loss to Ohio State is one of them. In other words Wolverine nation, the world and our entire community will live that game for years to come. It was a statement game that we won’t soon forget.

It still runs in our minds which means the clock has yet to strike zero.

Michigan seems to have a lot of those games because the program is so well established and followed and does not live up to expectations.

One game that never struck zero was the stunning loss to Appalachian State in 2007.

Who was like me and believed Michigan had a decent chance to win the OSU game? Who was like me wondering what the heck is going on as the points kept rolling for the Buckeyes?

You can’t blame the refs or bad weather or bad luck for this one. This was a bullet between the eyes.

This is not just another loss to Ohio State. This is a black eye. This is a dagger and this opens up debates that will haunt the program.

For instance, if the losses to OSU continue Michigan must fire the man the administration and most of its fan base believed was the savior. Harbaugh received a pass that no other coach in the nation would receive in Ann Arbor. He kept losing to the States (Ohio State and Michigan State) and folks kept believing he’d turn this around.

He was beyond criticism in Wolverine nation.

For instance Harbaugh made a huge tactical error in 2015 against MSU when he sent two gunners out to defend the last punt of the game instead of using maximum protection. The play resulted in a bobbled snap, muffed punt and a last second touchdown by the Spartans Jalen Watts-Jackson.

Most Michigan fans called the play a fluke and refused to lay blame on Harbaugh.

Now the honeymoon is officially over for Harbaugh. He must realize that winning 10 games without beating Ohio State or at least winning a Big Ten title is not good enough. There are different expectations at UM.

This is supposed to be a football power, not Iowa with better uniforms.

You must beat your rival now and then. Bo Schembechler was a hero for going 5-4-1 against Woody Hayes in the 10-year war. Bo, by the way, was a heavy underdog in his first game against Ohio State but found a way to win.

Harbaugh is now being compared to former Ohio State Coach John Cooper — except Cooper accomplished more. Cooper was 111-43-1 at Ohio State, won three Big Ten titles, a Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl. But his 2-10-1 record against Michigan got him fired. Three times Michigan beat unbeaten Buckeye teams under Cooper.

Michigan fans clamored for Ohio State to keep Cooper just like Buckeyes are screaming for Michigan to keep Harbaugh.

While Harbaugh prepares his team like he is Bo Jr. current OSU coach Urban Meyer has turned up the heat in Columbus with speedy and strong players that can compete with and beat anyone in the country outside of Alabama. And he long ago abandoned the three yards and a cloud of turf offense Harbaugh imposes.

Michigan can never beat Ohio State with this current style. OSU is 11-1 but played terrible football this season until it faced Michigan. The Buckeyes got run off the field at Purdue and were in dog fights with Maryland, Penn State and Nebraska.

Michigan was playing better football until it was on the same field with Ohio State.

The clock is now ticking on a game that will never end and on Harbaugh.





Terry Foster Podcast s33

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

It’s OSU vs. U of M week. We talk about The Rivalry and what to expect from the Wolverine”s revenge tour.Terry makes the case MSU plays boring football. It’s also  Michigan High School Football championship week, who will have a good day a Ford Field?

Speaking of Ford Field, the Lions had an ok day downtown, however are they really to be believed? Maybe it’s the outdoor practices?College Football playoffs continue to take shape. Try the shrimp at St.Elmo’s and Terry takes a telephone poll on air.

Finally, it’s Thanksgiving week. Terry has some important information on what type dessert should be served if you have invited black folks to your Thanksgiving. Tired of turkey? We discuss the best metro area fried chicken.  This and so much more on this stuffed Terry Foster Podcast.

Terry Foster Podcast s32

Welcome back!

Terry is joined by JD “The Smak” and E.Lund

New coach, but same old Lions. Is Patrica already on the hot seat? Terry has a bold recalculation of how he feels the Wolverines could do in the CFB playoffs. And do you feel safe going out and about these days. We discuss that and so much more on the newest Terry Foster Podcast.

Toxic atmosphere prevented success for Ebron in Detroit

ebronTight end Eric Ebron was never going to work out in Detroit and we are all to blame for that.

The Detroit Lions, Lion fans, Ebron. Everybody. You name it.

For those of you who remain Detroit Lion fans, you often turn an angry eye south to grumble over the success Ebron is having with the Indianapolis Colts. His good fortune there angers you and many of you wonder why it could not happen in Detroit.

Ebron has nine touchdowns with the Indianapolis Colts which would make him the Lions team leader by a wide margin on a lethargic Lions offense. The Lions (3-6) not only fail to score but they are getting run quickly out of games by opponents.

Why couldn’t the Lions get the same production out of him? Why was he more known for drops than touchdowns with the Lions? He scored 11 touchdowns in four seasons with the Lions and the team released him last spring.

Five days later the Colts signed him to a two-year, $15 million contract. He became an instant hit there, but we were never going to see this production out in Detroit. The pubic never forgave him or the Lions for making him a first-round pick in the 2014 draft. The toxic atmosphere played on his mind and he could never play care free football in Detroit. In Indianapolis fans don’t care that the Lions made him a first round pick. It is never discussed or is the topic on talk radio and the rest of the media.

No matter how well Ebron played in Detroit, it was followed by a ” yeah but he was a first round pick and he remains a bust.”

It bothered Ebron. He never got into a comfort zone and Colts fans are benefitting by it.


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