Toxic atmosphere prevented success for Ebron in Detroit

Tight end Eric Ebron was never going to work out in Detroit and we are all to blame for that. The Detroit Lions, Lion fans, Ebron. Everybody. You name it. For those of you who remain Detroit Lion fans, you often turn an angry eye south to grumble over the success Ebron is having with theContinue reading “Toxic atmosphere prevented success for Ebron in Detroit”


Lomas Brown prepared to rip Lions offense

Lomas Brown knows his relationship with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter won’t be as friendly because he is prepared to criticize the offense, if need be, as the new color man on WJR’s Lions broadcast. “I know it’s going to be tricky with Matthew Stafford,” Brown said Tuesday night. “IContinue reading “Lomas Brown prepared to rip Lions offense”

WJR fumbles another broadcast firing

Jim Brandstatter  is one of us. And I thought someone should stand up for him. He is a Detroit sports fan. He wore the maize and blue of Michigan football and he is every bit a key fabric of Detroit as anybody. He is so Detroit that I used to go to my local superContinue reading “WJR fumbles another broadcast firing”

The Lions claimed Randy Moss had alligator arms

There was a kitchen that the media and Lions coaches and staff shared in the Pontiac Silverdome executive offices that became busy around meal time. It was a spring day in 1998 when I stepped into the kitchen and ran into the Lions Director of Pro Personnel Ron Hughes. Outback Steakhouse was grilling burgers andContinue reading “The Lions claimed Randy Moss had alligator arms”