I’ve decided to lower the heat on my Twitter time line

Often my Twitter time line turns into a shit show. I don’t know if I’m being trolled or do people really have these backwards opinions? Are they messing with me? Are these bots, Russian operatives, Proud Boys or regular US citizens? Usually they support Donald Trump and they get their views from Breitbart, The NewContinue reading “I’ve decided to lower the heat on my Twitter time line”

Don’t let Donald Trump take away my vote

Donald Trump, how dare you try to remove my vote from the process. How dare you attempt to silence me and my family. You filed a lawsuit in Michigan to stop the count so you can win. One of the votes you wanted to take away was mine. I did not vote on election day.Continue reading “Don’t let Donald Trump take away my vote”

The truth about fake news

One of our burning questions in life is whether we believe President Donald J. Trump called fallen soldiers in World War I and the Vietnam War losers and suckers. Many of you believe the story. Many of you don’t. Many hope the story is not true because you are fond of Trump. Many of youContinue reading “The truth about fake news”

Trump media war is out of control

Donald Trump is right. Some of the news reported by the press is fake. It is not right. It never happened. But deep down he realizes that much of it is accurate and dead on. His problem is the way the media analyzes the news that it gathers. He also does not like that the pressContinue reading “Trump media war is out of control”