Chinese food in Italy is fantastico

I was in Torino, Italy at a Chinese restaurant when I took a sip of asparagus soup. My eyes closed and my head hit the table. An old Chinese man came running over to the table waving his hands speaking loudly in Mandarin. I did not know what he was saying but I knew heContinue reading “Chinese food in Italy is fantastico”

My view of the Valenti and Rico Show

For 13 years I was one half of the tag team duo of Valenti and Foster on 97.1 FM. You could say we were WWE tag team champions for many years. Now there is a new voice mimicking the role I played — angry black guy. Now I am on the sidelines, a listener likeContinue reading “My view of the Valenti and Rico Show”

The day I should have quit radio

The day I should have quit radio came the day after Michigan State played Wisconsin in a televised Big Ten basketball game. My job as a sports commentator was to watch the game and talk about it the next day. I watched the game but could not remember a thing about it when our showContinue reading “The day I should have quit radio”