Planet Fitness opens today. I won’t be there

My walking path around Union Lake was thick with foot traffic on the last nice summer day of the season. Two couples from the neighborhood negotiated the 6.5 mile round trip circuit. I ran into parents whose daughter played soccer at West Bloomfield High. I talked to the pretty blonde with the cute tiny dogContinue reading “Planet Fitness opens today. I won’t be there”

Spinning into the new Power House

He was about 21 or 22 years old with long blond hair. And this dude was built like a brick house. His arms were large and muscular and he ripped off his t-shirt to reveal six-pack abs. It was difficult not to notice this young man because he was prancing, flexing and admiring himself inContinue reading “Spinning into the new Power House”

The seniors take over the gym

We call ourselves the old people. We are gym members between the ages of 55 and 75 who show up every morning at Planet Fitness to work out and gab. We are all very different people. We are white and black, blue and red, male and female. The only things we have in common areContinue reading “The seniors take over the gym”

Old people hit the town in different ways now

We are nicknamed “The Old People” simply because we are old. We are a group of men and women aged 55-75 at Planet Fitness who work out every morning between sessions of gabbing and complaining about ailments, surgeries and doctors appointments. They are my people and we are going out tonight for dinner at Uptown GrillContinue reading “Old people hit the town in different ways now”

Visit your sick friends, don’t stay away

I am going to visit Larry Bird in the hospital in the next day or so. He just had knee surgery and he will be sidelined for a while. This is not the Larry Bird you are thinking about. He is the Larry Bird nobody knows about who works out in my gym at PlanetContinue reading “Visit your sick friends, don’t stay away”

The day I should have quit radio

The day I should have quit radio came the day after Michigan State played Wisconsin in a televised Big Ten basketball game. My job as a sports commentator was to watch the game and talk about it the next day. I watched the game but could not remember a thing about it when our showContinue reading “The day I should have quit radio”

If you eat right you will look right

I was a bad boy during my morning work out Friday morning. I purchased Girl Scout cookies for the family and then offered some to my friends while they worked out at Planet Fitness. That’s a no-no, I know. But I was in a silly mood. I knew my girl Maxine would say no. WhileContinue reading “If you eat right you will look right”

Our health club is a no wink zone

There was turmoil in the health club today. One of the guys I work out with got called on the carpet for winking at a woman. She didn’t like it and reported him to the staff. There are eight of us guys who work out together and Planet Fitness threatened to kick us all outContinue reading “Our health club is a no wink zone”

Running man — again

The whiffle game between the parents and the kids was tied 11-11 in the bottom of the seventh. I was standing on first when teammate Bart Hodge sent a screamer into right field. It looked like a double and I was determined to score from first and win the ball game. I rounded second and felt a slightContinue reading “Running man — again”