Prepare for Thanksgiving now with these nifty eating tips

Thanksgiving is a few days away and we should begin preparing for America’s biggest food fest. We will eat too much. Eat too fast. And we will eat things that are not good for us. My advice is to enjoy that day along with the following days of leftovers. Let’s enjoy the ham and turkey,Continue reading “Prepare for Thanksgiving now with these nifty eating tips”

Treat the battle to good health like a sporting event

I can tell when I am having a good check up with the doctor. In addition to asking what I’ve been eating and drinking my doctor and I talk about our children, Big Ten football, Covid-19 precautions and yes the dreaded Detroit Lions. Thursday was a good day during my check up. We chatted forContinue reading “Treat the battle to good health like a sporting event”

Homecoming stroke sets off a series of bad health episodes

My daughter Celine was so excited for home coming night her senior year in high school. She had a big job. She was in charge of organizing the West Bloomfield High School homecoming parade and she took her job seriously. Her friends scrambled making her orders come to life. It was the first time IContinue reading “Homecoming stroke sets off a series of bad health episodes”

Down goes Foster: My Texas fall

Austin, Tx — The back of my left arm carries a deep plum purple bruise and doctors say part of it may turn yellow in the coming days. Less than two hours after landing here to visit my daughter Celine I was taking a wild spill through the central Texas heat after tripping over aContinue reading “Down goes Foster: My Texas fall”

Smile. My insides are on candid camera

Doctors did not find the source of my internal bleeding during testing at Beaumont Hospital. Now I must swallow a camera with flash drive. I am not making that up. The good news is I am cancer free and do not have an ulcer. Doctors did say I have a minor sinus condition, which IContinue reading “Smile. My insides are on candid camera”

Dan Gilbert illness hits close to home

When business man Dan Gilbert experienced stroke like symptoms it hit close to home. I wondered what those symptoms were and how he felt at the time. I experienced similar symptoms nearly three years ago when my blood pressure hit the ceiling and I suffered what was considered a mild stroke. Although I lost myContinue reading “Dan Gilbert illness hits close to home”

The seniors take over the gym

We call ourselves the old people. We are gym members between the ages of 55 and 75 who show up every morning at Planet Fitness to work out and gab. We are all very different people. We are white and black, blue and red, male and female. The only things we have in common areContinue reading “The seniors take over the gym”

You can heal yourself too

I am no longer a diabetic. I no longer have high blood pressure. Those are the two ailments that triggered my stroke nearly two years ago. Doctors told me that the two diseases can be reversed and I was determined to prove them right. More than 4,100 Americans will be diagnosed today with Type 2Continue reading “You can heal yourself too”