Mr. Sturgis, the meanest get off my lawn guy in America

Let me introduce you to Mr. Sturgis. The meanest get off my lawn guy in America. Mr. Sturgis sat on his second story balcony shaking his wooden cane at us kids as we played catch on the side walk. I don’t know why we were so scared of him. In addition to the wooden caneContinue reading “Mr. Sturgis, the meanest get off my lawn guy in America”

Homecoming stroke sets off a series of bad health episodes

My daughter Celine was so excited for home coming night her senior year in high school. She had a big job. She was in charge of organizing the West Bloomfield High School homecoming parade and she took her job seriously. Her friends scrambled making her orders come to life. It was the first time IContinue reading “Homecoming stroke sets off a series of bad health episodes”

Down goes Foster: My Texas fall

Austin, Tx — The back of my left arm carries a deep plum purple bruise and doctors say part of it may turn yellow in the coming days. Less than two hours after landing here to visit my daughter Celine I was taking a wild spill through the central Texas heat after tripping over aContinue reading “Down goes Foster: My Texas fall”

Smile. My insides are on candid camera

Doctors did not find the source of my internal bleeding during testing at Beaumont Hospital. Now I must swallow a camera with flash drive. I am not making that up. The good news is I am cancer free and do not have an ulcer. Doctors did say I have a minor sinus condition, which IContinue reading “Smile. My insides are on candid camera”

Sexual harassment in dressing room

One of the low points of my journalism career came early in my career. I was a fresh face 25-year-old at the Detroit Free Press covering minor league baseball for the paper. Do you know what I did? Nothing. And that’s the problem. I was inside the Toledo Mud Hens dressing room at the LucasContinue reading “Sexual harassment in dressing room”

My new podcast is up and running

If you have a mouth on you and enjoy talking you might be hearing from me. I just launched the Terry Foster’s boombaye podcast and I am asking for a little help from my friends to keep it going. My health is improving daily and I thought now was the time to get into podcasting.Continue reading “My new podcast is up and running”

I refuse to wear square parents gear

I own one baseball cap that says “Stanford dad” on it. I wore it once and I will never wear it again. The hat seems dorky to me. It is something someone old and square would wear. I might be old but I am trying not to be too much of a square. As manyContinue reading “I refuse to wear square parents gear”