Tony Dungy and Les Miles wanted to return home to coach Lions and Wolverines

Andrea Kramer worked for ESPN when Detroit Lions head coach Wayne Fontes’ future teetered on the brink in the mid 1990s. She’d check in to tell me who the NFL believed to be the next set of hot head coaching prospects. One name she kept mentioning was the Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Tony Dungy. ThereContinue reading “Tony Dungy and Les Miles wanted to return home to coach Lions and Wolverines”

Michigan lacks passion and hatred against Michigan State

Here is the skinny on the Michigan-Michigan State football rivalry. The Spartans hate the Wolverines and it shows in their tenacity on the field. The Wolverines do not hate the Spartans, but they should. We should all be surprised at Michigan State’s surprising 27-24 victory over Michigan Saturday afternoon. But at the same time maybeContinue reading “Michigan lacks passion and hatred against Michigan State”

A neutral view of Michigan-Michigan State week

This is Michigan-Michigan State week where Spartans and Wolverines trade barbs and make fun of each other right up to Saturday’s noon kick off at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year because it is a build up of an annual civil war that I’ve enjoyed aContinue reading “A neutral view of Michigan-Michigan State week”

The clock is ticking on Harbaugh

The The clock never strikes zero on some games. Michigan’s 62-39 loss to Ohio State is one of them. In other words Wolverine nation, the world and our entire community will live that game for years to come. It was a statement game that we won’t soon forget. It still runs in our minds whichContinue reading “The clock is ticking on Harbaugh”

Sports media remains a people business

In this age of the Internet, fast paced news and anonymous sources we must not forget that sports media remains a people business. We forget that sometimes. Some reporters become walking note pads. In other words every conversation is on the record and they do not get to know athletes and coaches as people. WeContinue reading “Sports media remains a people business”